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I was just, the other day, wondering about all the dive bars and if they are going to change too drastically now that you can't smoke in a bar in L.A.. It may be happening right before our eyes right now.
Yet another bar Bukowski supposedly frequented. He must have kept every bar in Los Angeles afloat. It seems he was a regular in all of them.

...wondering about all the dive bars and if they are going to change too drastically now that you can't smoke in a bar in L.A.
That ban was put in place more than 10 years ago. People just stand outside the doors, or ignore the law. But now in many parts of Los Angeles you can get a ticket for smoking within 20 feet of the door of any business.

I don't know who is supposed to write those tickets. I haven't seen anyone complaining, so I assume they don't bother.
No one complains?

Here in Melbourne, smokers have become outcasts.

No smoking in pubs, public places, near public transport (even outside) - anywhere one might encounter a non-smoker.

Every day you see dozens of smokers at the feet of the cities buildings, huddling around an emergency doorway puffing away... the look of a hunted dog in their eyes.
No one complains?
I meant no one complains about being ticketed. I'm not sure if they really write any of those tickets.

But I know the building I work in here in Pasadena can be fined if people don't observe the 20 foot rule, so maybe they don't go after individuals, just businesses.
Wisconsin will have a smoking ban starting next July. The only bars that will allow smoking are "cigar bars". ironicly , it will still be illegal to smoke cigarettes in these, though cigars, pipes and hookas will be permitted. go figure.
There is a ban in Delaware, of course too. The only place that you can get a beer and a smoke is in an Elks Club, Moose club or other private lodge like club. I am eligible to join one in the area, having been an invited guest three times (which is their rule), but have not done it as I am still pissed that they will not allow black people in there. They have an all-white and traditionally black lodge in Dover. A while back, a black guy who had also been invited three times asked to join and the elders called a special meeting to keep him out. I'm not sure how they did it, as it violated even their rules, but I guess if he was not willing to sue...

Institutional racism, even among the working class. I thought that only country clubs were like this, but it seems that "benevolent" orders also practice this.

This same lodge still has not one black member, while Dover is nearly 40% black.

I thought about joining just to bring in black folks, but figure that they will just refuse them and kick me out and this is a small town...

So, I'll stand outside and smoke....

We've had a smoking ban for 2 years now. It applies to restaurants, bars (for some odd reason it's still allowed to smoke in bars under 40 square meters, but they say that'll be 'corrected'), public areas like train stations, trains (they used to have cars for smokers, so it wasn't really a problem but that's PC for you), sports clubs etc.etc. In Sweden they're already building apartment blocks for non-smokers only!
Too bad smokers feels so stigmatized and persecuted, because they should protest those way too strict laws (WHO has made a report about passive smoking. It turns out the risk of getting cancer etc. from passive smoking is almost non-existing!). After all, 1/3 (down from 50%) of the population still smoke, but who cares about those unhealthy, nicotine addicted, cancer spreading tobacco junkies? Certainly not everybody's parent, Big Brother.
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The ban has been in place throughout Europe for years now, in Glasgow everyone stands outside the door, or the pubs even set up wee outdoor heated areas for smokers - in pubs, clubs and dance halls - so they cater for us.

But it's interesting to see a global policy being put in place, it might not be quite co-ordinated by one guy but we are seeing a growing, if it was ever that different, cooperation throughout the western world of policy. It starts with 'smoking ban' but where will it end?

Welcome to the new world order. Controlling people as much as they can!
Come on you guys, you're going off the deep end. So stand outside, so what? If a third of the population went around smearing dog shit on themselves after a nice meal or when they were having a drink, the majority might suggest some kind of law or rule to keep that practice outside, yeah? "This is awful! When I come home from a night at the club I smell like dog shit! It's in my clothes, my hair...someone should do something!"

As a non-smoker who made a living in bars and clubs I can say, good for the ban. Hooray. It was a drag going to bars and pubs in England, Germany, Switzerland (and pretty much everywhere else in the world) because I could barely breathe in there. I didn't complain or propose any laws, but I'm glad to see them, and I don't think those laws oppress anyone.

If they tell you that you can't smoke at home, then you can talk about an evil new world order plan to control your lives. Otherwise I don't understand the complaints. You do something that the majority of people don't enjoy, so you have to do it somewhere it doesn't bother them. When you were the majority you had it your way, but that has flipped. That's the way it goes. I don't see anything sinister or oppressive about that.
going to restaurants in paris was brutal for that - you're sitting elbow to elbow
with people lighting smokes as you're deciding what to eat.
Yeah, I thought Paris was bad until I spent a month in Switzerland. But America was the same way up until the 80's. As a kid I remember every restaurant being full of smoke. But that applied to pretty much every public place. People smoked in the grocery store fer chrissakes. You couldn't escape it anywhere. So you smokers had your glory days. Stop crying. All those tears are going to put out your sweet, sweet smokes.
I worked on a bookstore (chain bookstore at that) in the late 80's and we employees were allowed to smoke in the bookstore, while it was open. Of course, that was in Virginia....

They banned smoking for students in high school a couple years before I got into high school, but the teachers were allowed to smoke in the teacher's lounge....

I remember when I was a kid, my mother used to write a note saying it was OK for the store clerk to sell me a pack of Kent Golden Lights. Id take the note to the store and would walk out with smokes for my mom.

I was maybe 8 or 9 years old (1984).

Try that shit now and not only would you not get any smokes, you'd probably get a jail sentence as a parent and have your kid taken by CPS. A lot has changed.

A couple of years ago, in Santa Cruz California you were allowed to smoke in certain hole-in-the-wall bars (The Jury Room) even though it was illegal. They enforced the law in some bars and not in others. It seemed that this was based upon the average age of the patrons. The Jury Room was mainly 40 - 70 year olds. The other clubs downtown frequented by the college kids had a zero tolerance policy.

I remember one time where a cop came into The Jury Room to remove a guy who attacked some woman in the parking lot and threatened to write tickets to all the smokers in the bar. (not the establishment itself) The cop realized that he would have to write up to around 10 or so separate tickets and left with his tail between his legs soon thereafter. The entire bar pretty much told him to stick his ticket-book in his ass and get the fuck out of there --complete with cigarettes dangling from their lips. Don't know if much has changed there.

Probably not --those rickety old bastards were pretty hardcore bar patrons.
The smoking ban does make a lot of sense. But why did they not simply have - smoking and non smoking bars? Or smoking upstairs or downstairs - why did it become an all encompassing blanket ban?

I understand the health reasons and the smell, that all makes sense, but once you start seeing a unified policy, across the globe, alarms bells shoulnd't necessarily ring, but we should definitely be polishing them when for when tolling times comes.

I mean, one sensible unified policy, leads to slippery slope to all kinds of unified policy, perhaps. As some guy once said (moving sightly off top) - economics is just like engineering, one set of rules works everywhere. It's just a matter of tailoring the BEAU-ROW-CRATIC- system within each nation to suit a more unified, global BEAU-ROW-CRATIC system. I know this is way off topic, and perhaps a global government might be a good idea, but I tend to associate big government with fascism, elite interest, and the slaughter or control of the majority of people.

Fundamentally, globalisations end would be, logically, a global government. It's just interesting to see these little, trite examples, of a more unified policy - such as smoking ban. That is just one apparently insignificant law, but the precedent is now set for more, further reaching globally co-ordinated policies...incrementally, gradually.

Watch this space. We live in interesting times.
Doesn't everyone who came here?
We may yet have to tend to the barricades again.

But only after a good few beers to fire us up.
Tobacco is the discovery and product of Native Americans thousands of years ago. The ban on tobacco, as I see it is just another racial statement - what the Native Americans do is bad for you! Its blatant racism against the Native American people. Sure tobacco kills you, but it takes 40 years, hell alcohol can call you or a family of 4 in a second. Google the history of tobacco, it makes interesting reading. And did you know that most people that smoke don't die of lung cancer, while many that don't smoke do die of lung cancer - go figure. So I say smoke all you want, drink all you want - because you are not immortal.
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Cannabis Cafes are sprouting up for the medical mary jane crowd - second hand smoke a bonus. Stress probably kills more peeps than tobacco and I smoke to relieve stress. Need me some medical tobacco and a Tobacco Cafe to smoke it in. Seriously though, respect many places being smoke-free but do call bullshit when it comes to bars/pubs/taverns.

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