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Several weeks ago, I missed the last three steps on my way down. After a week I became concerned about the excruciating pain I was in any time pressure was applied to the right knee. Diagnosis, 'severe bone bruise'; not only did I damage/bruise the knee cap, but also the bone underneath of the miniscus(sp?). Months or more to heal. No, I will not be going to physical therepy 3-4 times a week at $20 a pop.

How have you fallen down? Did you get hurt?
Ouch! sorry to hear about that I know the pain all to well and feel great sympathy for you.
I did that about 10 years ago, got a similar diagnosis, I was Denied an MRI from my insurance company(Bastards!!!), walked around on it for about a year and a half, and in that time it would go out on me, rather painfully, every few weeks, until one day I was playing kick ball with my friends 6 year old daughter, and as I kicked the ball I felt my lower leg sort of disconnect from my upper leg, felt pretty weird at the time and I knew something wasn't right, it didn't bother me too much for the rest of the day, needless to say that was the last ball i kicked that day... but oh my god the next morning my knee swelled up to about 4 times it's normal size... Finally I was given the go ahead for the MRI which revealed a torn ACL and possible tears to the meniscus. I had the operation to repair the ACL and the meniscus, but my doctor told me I should have had the MRI when I injured it originally, a year and a half earlier and that I probably did more damage to the meniscus by walking around on it for a year and a half.
So please take care of your self and do what you need to do.

Dropped my racing bike (bicycle) twice. First time, I was in rural Vermont (this would be about 1991) and riding with 5 or 6 other fairly experience cyclists (in a proper pace line; not idiot-like side by side), and a car came by (copper-colored ~'72 Nova, IIRC); the passenger muttered something, and then they proceeded to turn right, right in front of us. Well, we were going about 22 mph, and I was in the front at the time, and I hit the rear fender and went down. My biggest injury was to my big toe when I kicked a nearby guardrail shouting "How can you be so fucking stupid?" (I meant them, of course.)

Second time doesn't count. Drunk; shouldn't have been riding.
You know, after I went to the Dr., several people were very surprised that they didn't offer up an MRI.?? I don't know why, she seemed to be pretty sure after moving the leg/knee around into many different positions, that it was just a bruise. I'm gonna' give it some more time,(even though I slammed it again on the 4th;2nd time drunk, doesn't count:p) and see what happens.

Thanks SG, that is a very good story of your own there! How is it now? Did it heal? I've never had the 'good knees', mine have been creaky since my teens.
Hey PS, I think I know that guy! And I just lost my right baby toe-nail as part of the original fall.:)CRB

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