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Lee Majors anybody?


according to, he was about 6 feet in his prime.

I googled it, because that's how much I care. heh.
i grew up in the 80s watchin that show. used to love it. that and the dukes of hazzard. i'm sure that like dukes, when you watch those shows now they don't really hold up and aren't as good as you remembered as a kid.
In his prime? You mean he shrunk? He was married to Farah Fawcett...

I would much rather see pictures of Farah. It will make my eyes happy. I think Bukowski would rather see her too.
Colt Seavers, he was "Ein Colt für alle Fälle" for years on German tv. I guess I've watched every episode as a kid, "A colt for every case" would be the translation, bang bang, just in case some crooks are here, I'm armed.
Silly headhunter stuff, but he was a kind of afternoon hero back then.

At my age, I couldn't get it when I heard Heather had some serious drug problems. A small world crumbled. :(

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Colt was always a role model for me.

I never spent much time in school, but I taught ladies plenty.
It's true I hire my body out for pay (Hey Hey)
I remember when he was the 6-Million Dollar Man. When I was a wee-lass playing Barbies, my friend had a Barbie sized Lee Majors; there was this little panel that came off of his arm so that you could see his electronics. We used to fight over who's 'boyfriend' he got to be; though like every doll, he was not anatomically correct.:eek: Poor Farah.
HEE HEE! LOL.:D Dude, that is some funny stuff. If we had known better at the time, we probably would have been more dissapointed than we already were!

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