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I watched the trailer a couple of times and I liked it. Birds flying out of one's mouth is a surreal idea, it is birds, am I right? The stairs look like a painting by Escher. Have to watch the movie one day.
saw this last night, pretty much on chronic's recommendation (there should just be a chronic tells you what you should watch thread, dude has good taste (i.e. the same taste as me)). i found the story/fantasy scenes a little slow paced for most of the film, but still very beautiful. my favourite parts were basically whenever alexandria was talking - such a great little actress, hard not to love her. it was nice to see a kid playing a kid, not a miniature adult.
they only have one copy down the street where i rent, and it's been out consistently for a few months now. i've wanted to see this for a while so i may have to go to the dreaded Blockbuster soon...

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