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It's my favorite season, I love the temperant tempertures and the tantalizing scent of leaves burning in the air.

What is your favorite thing about the Fall.
The fall is beautiful in Mass.
Despite 9-11, you both must remember that
it was an amazing Indian summer in 2001.
Do you miss Ma. Slimedog?
What is your favorite thing about the Fall.

When I lived in California 'back in the day', one of the things I really missed was the change of seasons. I love fall. Halloween in the east,(USA), is the best. The worst thing about fall is that winter soon follows, and the older I get, the more I despise winter. I wish I had $$, I'd get myself a 'winter home'. CRB:)
I love that in San Francisco we finally get our Summer in the Fall. Of course we don't really have much of a turning of seasons here they are all just slight mutations of one or the other. Sun Fog Rain Sun Fog Rain pretty much like that...:D
Seems like summer is saying goodbye in my area. Today's the third day in a row with lower temperatures (not 26-30°C like it used to be), big dark clouds in the sky, rain and a fresh wind blowing. It's nice after the sticky heat.
I like to stand at the window in the morning, a cup of strong, black coffee in my hand (perhaps with a few tetrahydrocannabinol- and alcohol molecules in my blood from last night) and look at the fog-shrouded street, covered with leaves from the chestnut trees.

Perhaps later in my life I would wear a long cardigan while standing there :)

Unfortunately I am living in a place with few green around and fall reminds me of the fact that I do not own a warm coat.
On just the right day..... in just the right momment..... everything is golden! So fantastic! It is my favorite as well! As the green dies, my heart blossoms!

My favorite thing is The Hives song, "Fall Is Just Something Grownups Invented."

Well that and just the feeling of fall itself. The cooler weather, the coming holidays, it's all awesome! I HATE the summer!
Burning leaves outlawed in the 70s? Boy were we ever doing things wrong when I was growing up... Ah well.

I can say that I do kinda miss the leaves in MA. But being that I lived about a mile between the Norman Rockwell Museum and Tanglewood... I'd rather live here and have the rain instead of the leaves.

Plus... I hate New England and Tri-State area drivers in the winter... Myself included, mind you.
I like spring, but it is too young. I like summer, but it is too proud. So I like best of all autumn, because its tone is mellower, its colors are richer, and it is tinged a little with sorrow. Its golden richness speaks not of the innocence of spring, nor of the power of summer, but of the mellowness and kindly wisdom of approaching age. It knows the limitations of life and is content. -Lin Yutang
It's been sitting there for 4 days, so; wrong.

I can't pick apart all of poptop's posts. There aren't enough hours in the day.

And the pretentiousness makes me dizzy if I spend too much time around it.
In Quebec autumn is the most beautiful season. The leaves turn yellow, orange, red and the most wondeful wine color. Shortly after, forget it unless you ski or skate. Then you think West or South.
One thing I can rely on is catching a cold when the season changes to fall.

I'm in bed all day, sleeping.

Tuned with Paracetamol and GeloMyrtol.

I'm cold, no I'm hot. Cold? Hot?!

As a scientific observer with a fake PhD who looks good in a white lab coat, I would like to advance my theory that the season of fall is becoming shorter and much milder. Or maybe summer is getting longer and mellower. All I know is I can ride my bike comfortably well into late October/early November. Temps between 50 and 60 degrees are not uncommon into November either. This is the kind of global warming I can get behind.
#6: I'm inclined to to call foul on this, but I know you were just being clever, and you know otherwise. Thing is, people read this on the internet and for some stupid reason, they believe it.

Global warming manifests itself in an approximate 2 deg C overall temperature rise. You cannot feel it. Ever walk around on a 92 degree day and then again on a 94 degree day? It's hot. And yes, 2 deg F is not quite 2 deg C, but at these increments, not so much of a difference.

What it does do is cause overall weather patterns to shift, and re-distribute moisture and or aridness over large areas of the globe. Amongst other melting issues, etc.

That you can feel. So if this winter is very cold and you get record snow, it does not mean global warming is not happening. I read all over the internet: "Well, we got three inches of global warming here in Memphis today."

These people need to stick to running checkouts at Caldor.

Science is at once a literal discipline and simultaneously a flexible discipline.

Sorry for the rant; personal issue. For some reason, non-scientists seem to understand science when they read about it on their favorite left or right blog, etc., blah, crap, shit, etc.
One thing I can rely on is catching a cold when the season changes to fall.
So can I. :( Glad to hear you're feeling better.
It began on last monday, I was moreover nervous and grieved, which made me break down and cry, which got things worse. Two days and a half spent in bed, two days and a half lost...

The weather is strange and disturbing here, it has been cold and colder in the beginning of the week and now it is warming up again.
Autumn means winter is coming before too long and that's never a good feeling. I prefer Spring, where you can smell the season's change in the air. For a couple of months it's great then you boil to death in summer and complain about that too :D
Well, the kid had a football game today that started at 9am! Which means mom had everyone up at 6:30am, so we'd be there, in a town east of Los Angeles called Montebello, at 7:00am!!!! But in any event there was sooooooo much fog at 7am this morning, that it certainly seemed like....fall!
I like fog. The weather broadcast said there might be fog this morning.

I just got up, took a look outside of the window and there is no fog. Bastards.

Oh wait, they said there will be fog on Tuesday morning, this is Monday.

The only fog right now comes from the tip of my cigarette.

And is inside my hazy mind.
Yes, fall is indeed lovely. Here in Georgia it's quite nice, the hellishly hot summer over with, but not nearly as spectacular as back home in Mass. Miss tearing about the leaf covered roads on the bike, the weather finally cool enough to wear proper gear.

And the color!
The weather is strange and disturbing here, it has been cold and colder in the beginning of the week and now it is warming up again.
I hope that you are getting over your cold.
In celebration of this marvelous fall day, here is something to warm up your heart and spirit.
I like crushing crabapples underfoot and smelling the tartness in the air. I love sitting in a cafe, sipping hot apple cider, and writing good stuff. Autumn is my favorite season. And the best for writing.
I'm missing the sun already. When I drove to France today, the trees all around showed their marvelous colours, but the temperatures give me a bad mood. ... whine, complain, bitch...

I need more of the sun. SUN-LIGHT. SUN-SHINE.

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