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He does need a hug. This has got to be slowing him down. No more all-nighters with the C&P, no more smokes with wild Beat poets on the West Coast. Give him a big hug.
thanks to all. Yes, for those out of the loop, I had a little heart attack the other day. I'm back at home recovering and the future looks great.

[...] I had a little heart attack the other day. I'm back at home recovering [...]

baby, we're all with you, but you know this anyways.

Since you ROCK, you should take a little care about being able to rock us all for a little more. Thanks for surviving. Much appreciated.
Meth as a dietary supplement would perhaps be ill-advised. Watching midget porn and making obscene phone calls to nursing homes eases my stress but I'd not advise that either. Cutting back on the jelly glazed burritos and getting plenty of rest sounds AOK. Boring, but AOK. 65 more years of Bottle of Smoke I'd stick around for.
[...] Books are not stress. It is everything else that is. I could live to be 100 as a printer/bookbinder...

That's great news, Bill. Print to your heart's content, literally. I feel the same way about writing and painting. It's not work; it's play. I could do it all day and not be tired or stressed.
No way! I was born & raised in Woodbridge. My family is in Centreville, Gainesville and Alexandria for the most part. I'm nova through and through. When did you move away?
In 2002 I moved from Leesburg, VA to Delaware. I fled the high housing prices as I wanted to buy a house with a yard and did not have $600,000 to spend. I lived in NoVa from 79 - 2002. I went to Annandale High School, Worked in Chantilly, Leesburg, Aquia, Reston. Lived in Centreville, Burke, Annandale, Oakton, Leesburg. I never lived in Woodbridge, but had a good friend who did.
I'm sure you never regretted moving, at least from a financial standpoint. I bet if you came back the mixing bowl would blow your mind. Traffic construction on 95, the beltway AND 66 are out of control.
I'm halfway to fleeing the area (more like 10% progress in fleeing), for about the same reasons as you. I had to choose between renting an apartment the size of a dumpster in Alexandria or renting a single family home in Stafford. I chose Stafford.
Look at Bukowski bringin us all together now.
My office is in Springfield, VA, so I see the lovely mixing bowl once a month when I drive in to go to a meeting. Plus, I get the added pleasure of the Woodrow Wilson Bridge...
Who knew you were so lucky?! So if the timing had been right some poor employee would've hauled your heart-attack having ass to INOVA.
I think for the OCD/intense focus of book binding we might need to hire Jesse, Skinny Pete, and Badger...while high.

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