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I've recently thought about trying to print my own stuff but can't seem to find a good printing press.

Anybody out there know anything about this?
I'm new to this whole thing but it's all very interesting and this seems like something I could do for the rest of my life.
Letterpress? That is a big old can of worms, my man. Even offset's really something that takes a long time to learn how to do well.

If you're thinking of starting letterpress, you should join the letterpress mailing list. I'll try to find the sign up info. Read that for a few months and see if you still want to print. Heh.

I worked in offset printing and bindery for 15 years, then five or six years ago got into letterpress. Letterpress requires a much larger investment, more space, more hunting for obscure equipment that hasn't been made in 50 years...if that kind of thing seems interesting to you, go for it.

Here's the letterpress listserv info:
yeah I'm getting a job feeding pages into a printing press at a place that produces magazines.

my friend said it's really boring work.
I'm excited!
Yuo can always pick up an inexpensive Kelsey press. If you are in a major city, it would not be too hard to find one. They weigh about 60 lbs, so they are not massive. If you get a couple fonts of type, you could start out in the letterpress art for $400-$500. If you LOVE it, then you can get a much larger press and MUCH more type. Here's a picture of my press (1200 lbs) and type (maybe another 2000 lbs??). This actually is clean for my shop. It is a garage that I insulated and converted. I have a VERY understanding wife and kids...

mjp is right though, it is an art and an obsession....

What have you got, about 70 cases of type there? I'd say you're right on target, probably a ton of lead.

That's the thing, whether you've got a big C&P like Bill does there, or a little tabletop 5x8" Kelsey, you need the same ridiculous mountain of shit to print.

But yes, you can get started for a few hundred bucks, or, alternatively, look around for a class you can try, or a letterpress printer who will take you on as a volunteer assistant/trainee. Then you can find out if it's really your thing, and dive in from there.

Yes, I have a little short of 70 California job cases of type here. I also have some 60 and 72 point faces that are in galleys, so they are not in that picture.

Anyone on this list that is in the area of Delaware is more than welcome to come over and try their skills at printing on the Chandler & Price (This is the same type of press that LouJon Press used to print Buk's It Catches My Heart in It's Hands). If you are thinking about starting a small press, tprinting and publishing a little letterpressed broadside or little chapbook would be a cool way to start.... Just an offer. We have an extra room here until about September, when it will be converted into the new baby's room...


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