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I've never seen it. Is it worth the effort? Since the Canadian dollar is in the shitter this year we are saving for a trip next year and 2 weeks in the Grand Canyon area seems like a good bucket list idea.
Niagara Falls is in my backyard and it disappoints on a major scale so I'm hoping the Grand canyon isn't like it.

Pogue Mahone

Officials say drugs may have played a part
You don't have to just see the Grand Canyon. My parents took us on major roadtrips through the West as a kid. There are many great parks you can hit in two weeks. If you can do it before the second week in June or after the third week in August, even better.
The only time I spent in Arizona was a few seconds after I walked from the Nevada side of the Hoover dam to the Arizona side (not counting time in Phoenix Sky Harbor airport). I would say a resounding yes indeed to going to the Grand Canyon, and as Kiss My Ass notes above, there are many other attractions. You need to see Hoover dam and Lake Mead.
I've been there twice. When I was 12 and then at 35. Not remotely overrated. Just an amazing thing that can't be captured truly in pictures/images. Kingman, the main town that leads to I think the southern rim, is also kitschy and kind of weird too.
So yeah, go!

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