The HBO series on Bukowski that never was...? (1 Viewer)

So in the course of rediscovering my love for R. Crumb, I stumbled on a few short works by ol' Buk for which he did some very nice illustrations (e.g., Bring Me Your Love)

Towards the end of The Captain is Out to Lunch and the Sailors Have Taken Over the Ship, in which Crumb also illustrated a few scenes, Buk mentions he was contacted while working on Pulp by a "Joe Singer" who wanted to make an HBO series about his life. He also claims a "Harry Dane" was cast to play him, and he talks about all three of them meeting periodically to discuss it.

I can't find evidence that this ever came to fruition, but assuming it was at least actually in some sort of pre-production, who the hell are the real identities of Joe Singer and Harry Dane???

Anybody know?

If this was actually made, which I highly doubt, anyone know anything about that?

Hell of a fish tale for Bukowski to create in his last year of life... anybody know more about this?
From what I've heared, Bukowski dropped his participation in this when they intended to use a laughter-track to accompany points of jokes so that even the last future Trump-voter would've got it.

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