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Here are scans from The Marrahwannah Quarterly 4 (Cleveland: Renegade Press, 1965) featuring the poem THE HELL OF IT IS TO TRHOW AWAY REJECTED POEMS THAT SEEM TO SAY SOMETHING ANYHOW EVEN IF PERHAPS NOT TOO WELL.


Sorry for putting this up again, I've just reread it.

I really love those poems where you get the impression, you'd sit right along with him in the small kitchen, radio on, cigar-smoke in the air, sound of the typewriter - this is one of his best and most unusual ones, imho.
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That one is a long wanderer and he could really work a long wanderer. I want to steal it for the poems section, but typing it out would be a bitch.

One question, the last line on page 5 - it that, "its sticky gums upon somebody"? I can't quite make out the g word...gums? guns? guts?
yep, it's "guts"...

more on levy: he wrote / published a poem about Bukowski in one of his magazines. I'll try to dig it up...
i represent the estate of the original printer, my Uncle Howard and demand that the scans be removed from the site. It was bad enough that people kept calling him "Mr Knotts", but now this outrage....

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