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Hey kids, have ya seen this?

An extremely overprized yet lovely one-of-a-kind-item: THE HOG

Isn't that the infamous story that was rejected by various magazines (hustler etc.) because it was too hardcore? I vaguely remember that, may be wrong.
Written in 1982, "The Hog" was systematically rejected by the editors of adult periodicals such as High Times , Oui , Hustler , and the German editions of Penthouse and Playboy , where his fiction was otherwise staunchly championed. The fact that the main character of the story, a wealthy man who fears impotence, forces a young prostitute to eat the penis of a dying hog at gunpoint while screaming at her “you’ll either swallow a bullet or you’ll swallow that cock” (10) so he can ultimately climax, seemed particularly revolting to those editors. As the Hustler fiction editor wrote in the rejection note, “[Y]ou and your work are liked and highly respected here . . . but the subject matter is just too strong for us to handle . . . it’s the bestiality and also its violent result that we don’t feel we can accept” (Huntington, May 18, 1982). Not surprisingly, the short story has not been published to date.
King of the Underground, p. 164.
It got out at some point, because I know I read it. And it was a bit disturbing -- I think the he describes the hog's eyes like the little girl who was raped in that infamous earlier poem. Maybe High Times?
Do these "Dreams of the Beast" columns exist? If so, are they readable somewhere? Would they be new stories to me or just the "Dirty Old Man" stuff recycled?
You might be able to read it here for $0.

Then again, when you're finished reading it, you might wish you hadn't.

I don't know if it's as SHOCKING as legend has made it out to be. It's disgusting - as it's meant to be - but also kind of stupid, and too long (the story, not the hog cock).

The Fiend is much more disturbing (and a better story). The hog thing is more in the realm of the unreal, so it doesn't have the same edge.
Where does Dennis Hopper figure in? He's got to be involved.

Sean Penn playing Harry Truman is sure-fire Oscar-bait. A couple hours in the makeup chair every morning - nothing to it. Get the team that just did Cats.

Willem Dafoe as Mr. Sorenson...one of the Harry Potter kids (doesn't matter which one) as Debra...it's starting to come together...someone set up a GoFundMe page.
The charming and versatile Gerard Depardieu as Harry Truman, Sir Ben Kingsley as Sorensen, and obviously Matt Damon as your loyal tour guide.
The part of the girl to replaced by the always irrepressible Donald T.
Spielberg producing, Bobby Zemeckis lensing. I think budget of $150-200 between filming/marketing. If we rush production we can have a rough cut ready for the Santa Barbara Film Festival by spring.
This just in: Hollywood icon and America’s Best Hope, James Franco has just optioned the story with eyes to play every role himself and shoot it on his iphone. Stay tuned!!!

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