The Hunted - Quicksilver, 1958 (1 Viewer)


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"The Hunted," in QUICKSILVER (Fort Worth) v. 11 no. 2 (Summer 1958), p. 13.

Uncollected as of 2006.

Damn. Why some of these went uncollected is a mystery, I have to say. I may have to clear out the poems in the "Words" section and start replacing them with some of these old gems.
as I said somewhere else, you could collect them and publish them as The RoomingHouse Madrigals Revisited or The RoomingHouse Madrigals Martin Did Not Want to Print for Reasons Beyond Reason.
he writes a lot of poem about being in a room and looking out from it. kind of shows where his mind was as opposed to where his actions took him.

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