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greetings, my fellow patriots,

today is a glorious day not only for you and me, but america and freedom in general. today is the day that the (inter)national mobile defence squad strikes back at the heart of terror hundredthousandfold. this treachery i speak of reaches not from the deserts of tattooine or the great hall of odin, but from the inner sanctum of the cities: the networking of sewage and drainage pipes. yes, we must prepare for war, and prepare for war we will using our ingenuity and the tools we have been provided with by the gods and our fathers who happened to have the knowledge and the foresight to predict such a possible onslaught by c.h.u.ds, giant mutant spiders, and wave after wave of robots programmed with knowledge of several different martial arts.

gentlemen, i say to you with all honesty and beuracracy that now is the time to strike deep at the heart of the terror organization and cut off the multiple hydra-esque heads that will undoubtedly spring forth. we will suffer heavy losses, but if that is what must be done to prevent the castration of this great nation of ours, than i say we proceed forward with our heads held high beneath the boiling oil that will poured on them from such great distances and castle walls, and as our alien overlords are feasting on the endtrails of the last few porcupines, we will be proud to say that we were trampled underfoot by our genetic superiors.

thank you,
gen. hubbard
L. Ron Hubbard said:
greetings, my fellow patriots

Aside from a few egregious spelling and/or grammatical errors from your unconscionable self, you have done well, my son. May the light of Orion shine down upon you, and may all the demons of fishhead live heartily within your dementated mind.

Yo do know that eating magic mushrooms are against the law? Or do you just not care? Perhaps you even do it out of spite. I sure would have.
okay, but is there a bar on the mothership? because last time I was told there would be a bar and lo and behold, guess what? right, no bar. I had to smoke c.h.u.d. droppings mixed with floor sweepings to get any type of buzz at all. and genetic superiors or not, c.h.u.d. shit is still shit. blackened the christ out of my teeth, and I used to have beautiful teeth. ah well, maybe for the better, I was too pretty for my own good. you think I have an ego? you should see the vanity that comes with those multi hydra-esque heads. talk about mirror mirror on the wall...
anywho, blackberry me L. ron if there is a bar and we'll give it whirl...TTFN.

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