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Hi folks: First off, I have to let you know that I have nothing to do with this site, nor any vested interst in any of you accessing it. But, I found this site about five years ago, and it is chock full of good material:

A wealth of information free at your fingertips. If you do choose to donate, you can get a CD-Rom of all the material, with updates available at reduced cost in the future. Or, you can access it all for nothing.

A really nicely-compiled treasure trove of texts from all over the word and from several centuries.

Note: Mods, I hope this is not in violation of any rules; if so, my appypollyloggies, do what you must...
Note: Mods, I hope this is not in violation of any rules ...

From the site:
Q: What is
A: This site strives to produce the best possible transcriptions of public domain texts on the subject of . . .

Public Domain. I don't see why anyone would have any problem with any of it. Hell, there have been
links to whole Bukowski books in here.

Nice find.
I was thinking more about whether Mods might think I was pushing, you know, the R word. :eek:

Of course, these texts run the gamut, from paganism to the I Ching to obscure, even more esoteric. Perhaps it would be more correct for me to have said that I was concerned that I was pushing the non-R word.
No worse than the:

What are you listening to now ?
Was Bukowski a Nazi?
Politics! Oh No ?


However, if it makes you feel better,
I could start a thread about the weather ;)
Zeitgeist - Part one: Religion

Found that vid I wanted to share with you, PS:
[This video is unavailable.]

35 minutes long, so. . .

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