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My name is Jacob Kirby and I am one of the Writers and Directors of the upcoming Short Film "The Killers", inspired by the short story by Charles Bukowski. We are working with an extremely dedicated team of artists to produce this 15 minute film and it's a very exciting project.

Our main objective is to bring the spirit of Bukowski's work to the screen, and produce an adaptation that his fans (including ourselves) would be happy to see. This is not a project that we are planning to make money off of. In fact, this is a project that is going to cost us a lot of money to produce. We're doing this because we love the story and we love to work.

Production begins in two weeks and we are currently reaching out to his fans for support. We need help getting the word out there. Our goal is to make sure that everybody who would be interested in seeing a film like this has an opportunity to do so.

Here is a link to our facebook page

And here is a link to our indiegogo campaign

Please let me know if you have any questions about the project.

Thank you,

- Jacob Kirby
[email protected]
Why does every Bukowski fanboy feel like they have to talk like a cynic?

This movie is going to be shot with or without your support. We have already locked down the script, actors, locations and equipment (legitimate equipment, we're shooting on the RED). This isn't our first time shooting a film and this isn't going to be our last. I don't care if you guys feel like this project is doomed to fail. We're going to have a good time working on it (like we always do) and if you aren't interested in seeing the final cut. Then by all means, do something else with your time (hopefully something more productive then writing cryptic messages on a fan board).

But, if you are interested in our project. Check out our campaign and show some support.
don't take offense - a lot of bad bukowski related projects show up here and that's created a lot of well earned
skepticism. and cynicism.

good luck with it. make us proud!

and now, a word from our sponsor...
Thank you D Gray, we've been doing our absolute best to put together a project that would make Bukowski and his following proud. I know that's an extremely high standard to reach, and I know there have been a lot of poor adaptations in the past, but I also know that it's a movie I would want to see, and I hope some of you feel the same way.

I'm not trying to offend anyone, but we've had a couple of strange responses from Bukowski's online fan-base, and most of them fall into the category of "fan boy" reactions. At least, that's my personal opinion.

We've done a lot of hard work with Pre-production, Casting, Rehearsals and Production Design, and there is a lot of money on the line for Locations and Equipment.

The bottom line is, we aren't going to make any money off of this project, we're doing it because we want to see it done and we hope that other people do too. I also know that it is going to be a very unique and rewarding experience for everyone involved. If it's something you're not into, that's alright. But please don't write us off as doomed for failure before you even take the time to check out our campaign or watch the final cut.
we've had a couple of strange responses from Bukowski's online fan-base...
I think your response is strange.

And condescending, defensive and pissy, which is sadly typical. Which may be one of the reasons some of us who have been here for some time (and who don't just drop in to solicit funds or support) might have predicted that you would be met with anything from skepticism to disdain.

But the funny thing is, you weren't met with skepticism or disdain, yet you still lost your shit like a petulant schoolboy. Nice!

That's a new one, so kudos for originality.

Perhaps you are angry because no one laid flowers in your path or showered you with the praise you're accustomed to getting from your family and friends. My bet is had you received the adulation you believe that you so rightly deserve, somehow those praising you wouldn't have qualified as "fanboys."
See, those are the strange responses I'm talking about... Why did you even take the time to write that out? Nobody has ever "laid flowers in my path" but yes, I do have friends. I have a feeling that's a problem for you.
Here you go Killer!
You like Bukowski and are inspired by his work. That's good. You are in the right place.

You come here advertising some unfinished project based on Bukowskis work and expect attention all around? That's strange. We are interested in Bukowskis work, not yours. That's why we are here. Yours might still be good, tho. I wish you the best, seriously.

You sound like an annoying little pussy after not being greeted with roses. That's bad.
Well, just as long as you have the rights for your adaptation, I wish you every success and hope it turns out to be exactly what you hoped. And break legs, all attached.
I think we got off on the wrong foot... I'm not trying to annoy or offend anyone. I just wanted to let the community know about this project. It'll be worth a watch when we're finished with production.
We're doing this because we love the story and we love to work.

i'm callin bullshit. you're doing this for a thousand reasons MAYBE one or two of which have to do with anything like love for 'the story.' i don't follow this forum to gobble up bullshit. I checked out your facebook page before and just now got around to your video and reading the junk you got up on indiegogo. Couple more things come to mind. One, you're not humble enough or put another way the whole thing feels too artsy fartsy. smudge the camera. punch everybody in the face. You guys should go get your asses kicked and robbed penniless in a mean part of atlanta, then go three or four days with no food only beer, open a couple of rejection letters from the new yorker then come back and rewrite your 'please help us fund our artistic cooption of somebody elses art' copy. Its hard to tell whether you feel bukowski. if the idea of him not liking your movie scares teh shit out of you then you're probably on the right track. On the other hand, i kinda get the impression that 'doing a bukowski' was a strategic career move and you figured this would be a nice little stepping stone in your budding film and art careers. tht and you were looking forward to renewing the 'set chemistry' with ms camera over there. the flashy little knife logo on the facebook page and the fake (or at teh very least unreferenced) bukowski quote on both the facebook and indiegogo pages hint that your aesthetic is generic and facile. And don't tell us what will be worth a watch and what won't. Thats for your potential audience to decide. You just be humble and do your research and do your work. don't pretty up the story. teh beauty is partly in the nasty of it.

second, prove yourself. Have you seen barfly? how did it fail or succeed? have you read through the discussions of the bukowski adaptations on this forum? what, aside from your self-proclaimed passion, should give anyone the impression that you ought to be encouraged to adapt this mans work?
i'm callin bullshit. you're doing this [... bla bla bla...] You guys should [... bla bla bla ...] And don't tell us [... bla bla bla ....] your self-proclaimed passion, [..... bla .]

beard, I'm no expert at these things, but could it be the case that you suck pretty much?
There appears to be a lot of mixed feelings about this project and I totally understand why. Bukowski was a rare breed and it takes a whole lifetime of experience to reach his level of talent. We chose to adapt his work because he's a very inspiring person and I'm always amazed that people my age don't know who he is.

His writing helped me through my high-school years and taught me how to be a happy and productive person. He also taught me that a life spent working on projects that you don't care about isn't a very good life at all. I owe a lot to the man, his work inspired me to "follow my dreams" and put myself out there. He introduced me to the work of Fante, Celine, Nietzsche and writing that opened my eyes to a world filled with potential and meaning. Some people claim that their school of thought is nihilistic and cynical, but it had a very different effect on me. They taught me to be a disciplined optimist and make the most of the life I was given.

When I was told that we had to adapt a short story for our next project, the choice was obvious.

I'm not working on this because It's a strategic career move. I do have to keep my career in mind, but if I was thinking strategy, I would've gone with something that was marketable, or at the very least, something that I had written myself. I'm working on this project because for one reason or another, my brain won't let it go. We've already caught a lot of flak, regarding the content of the story, and I'm sorry that I was defensive at first. But the truth is, a lot of people expect this project fail and it's hard to ignore that. Nevertheless, I love the idea of a Darkly Comedic Noir/Thriller that revolves around the consequences of taking the easy way out of a bad situation and it's going to get made. We're shooting next weekend. I know that none of you have any reason to be excited about that, but it's exciting for me.

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