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Sordide Sentimental

This film is going to release in France next week.
I've got a friend who's going to visit me in these days and I am tempted to go to the movies with him see that remake.

But is it actually worth being viewed ? I never rely on trailers but what is striking with this one is the absence of bloody scenes...quite strange for a horror movie. And the villains don't look evil at all.

Has any of you already seen it ? Is it awesome or just a big joke ? I don't want to be trapped again like I got trapped by Hostel.

And who's that bimbo covering Sweet Child O Mine ?! :mad: :mad: :mad:
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I thought that the original was just AWFUL. I think that James and I are about the same age. I saw it and it was VERY dated feeling. Very Hippy Mansonesque.

I know that it is a cult classic, but I thought that it was just awful.

I don't have any plans to see the remake.

well, i thought it was awfully good in a very dated, cult classic, mansonesque kinda way. i guess, also it was much different than what i was expecting. i can definitely see how it wouldn't be for everyone. my girlfriend, for instance, wouldn't watch it and would hate it.
and i also don't plan to see the remake...
Yeah, there are some movies that guys LOVE and women almost always HATE. On my short list of those would be:

American Psycho

Advice for the single guys out there. DO not watch these movies with a woman that you are interested in. There is a good chance that they will think that you are sick. Save them for when you are married and they know that you are sick..

p.s. as evidence... The funniest part of this movie...
on another side note....

I'm not sure if Christian Bale is the greatest actor alive, but he sure is one of the most devoted (in a disturbing way).

He lost 60 lbs for this role. Watch the clips. That is not CGI effects or a body double. He emaciated himself for the role (crash diet of only apples and very little sleep). I had a hard time watching this movie as I could not help noticing how fucked up he looked and found myself disturbed that anyone could do this to themselves for a movie.

I saw the original Last House on the Left in a theater when it first came out. We were drunk (of course) and couldn't stop laughing at the nasty parts. The black kids who were sitting nearby all moved away. I don't know if we were just annoying them or if they thought we might be dangerous. Since there was zero humor in the movie I'm guessing they thought the latter. said:
on another side note....

I'm not sure if Christian Bale is the greatest actor alive

Did you hear his rant on the Terminator ... 4? set. [This video is unavailable.]
I saw some extracts from Wes Craven's movie on Youtube, it seems very disturbing. The villains appear as being as merciless as Charles Manson and his bad seeds.

Yeah, there are some movies that guys LOVE and women almost always HATE. On my short list of those would be:
When it released, most of the girls of my class went to see it...because they were all in love with Brad. I remember they all liked it, not only for Brad. They told me about the final scene with the box, I absolutely wanted to know what it contained but I didn't even dare ask my parents some money so as to see it because I was not allowed to go to the theatre for such movies. A few years later, I saw it in video and I really adored it. In France, David Fincher is a cult director among people from my generation, whether boys or girls, our favourite being undoubtedly Fight Club.

who remade it? if it was rob zombie don't go near it!
It's a man called Dennis Iliadis.
I saw the new remake just this past Wednesday and nearly walked out. I am a huge horror movie fan, and we see nearly every horror movie released. So we went to see it with high hopes but it was just nearly unwatchable. Bad acting and unconvincing actors in my opinion. Oh well.
We finally didn't see it. We did nothing else but walking, walking and walking.

I had the same feeling as you about the bad acting after having watched the trailer.

By the way, I've found a funny video where the so-called villains are described as having the look of "an indie rock band" (that's so true !)

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