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I bought this book off of a few days ago and it looks like a first edition first printing to me but I could be wrong. I bought it with the description saying that its condition was new and that it was a BSP book and for the price I assumed it would be a later printing. Does this look like a first or later printing?
It looks like a 1st printing to me because the title page is always in color on 1st printings from Black Sparrow Press.
Good use of the term first printing, which is key. In any case, while what Bukfan says is accurate, there have been a few cases of second printings having color title pages. So, 99.9% that's a first printing.

Worthy of note is the "2" in the publishing year on the title page (it's a bit darker than the other digits). Since this came out in March '92, I suppose there's a decent probability that a second or even third printing was done in '92. Point being, the 2 on your title page looks just like the 2 on my trade, signed and signed with print editions; all firsts.
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Interesting. So there is a possibility that a BSP book can have a color title page and be a second or third printing? I am pretty new to collecting these books so that is good to know. I am going to assume based on what the both of you said that this is a first printing because that makes my purchase seem like a lucky accident.
So there is a possibility that a BSP book can have a color title page and be a second or third printing?
A possibility, yes, but a very slim one.

Of the books that came out during Bukowski's lifetime, this one and Septuagenarian Stew are the only two with a first run of 1,000 "trade" hardcovers (which is what you've got here). So the low price (if it really was low, you don't say what it was) may be because there are more of them out there than there are of most of the other older titles.
Okay good to know that would make sense I paid $65 for the book including shipping. I would say it is not in new condition as it was listed as there is a small issue in the headband of the book and the back board is a little dirty and the dj has some marks. There was no mention of the book even being a first edition in the description. Thanks for the information about the books.

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