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From "days like razors, nights full of rats"

but I remember one fellow who wrote an
entire book in which he proved that the moon was not there
and he did it so well that afterwards you thought, he's
absolutely right, the moon is not there.

Anyone have an idea who this is?


how the hell is a young man going to deign to work an
8 hour day when the moon isn't even there?
what else
might be missing?
[...] Anyone have an idea who this is?

since the moon REALLY isn't there, it could be EVERYBODY!

no, fun aside:
I dunno, but it sounds like the logical loop-ways of medieval Scholasticism. They were able to 'proof' everything they wanted (as long as Aristotele and the Pope would agree).

But I'd guess, Buk meant something different here. (esp. since I can't see him reading the Scholastics)

and, of course, what comes to mind, is Einstein's famous mockery on the Kopenhagen-interpretation (Heisenberg et al) of Quantum-effects: "Do you really think, when I don't look at the moon, that it ISN'T there?"
Oh yeah Einstein and his final paper on annihilating the Japanese race. Makes a lot of sense.

Hwa Hwa Hwa
but what was I asking?

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