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I'm a design student at Chelsea school of Art, London. I just wanted to send in this short animation I made in tribute to Bukowski and a poem which I find personally inspiring; The laughing Heart. I used this poem because I feel that poetry should be explored in lots of ways and there seems to be few represented in animation.

it would be amazing to have a fans opinion on it.


Hopefully you are prepared for fans to comment even if they hate it. We usually hate reinterpretations of his work.

That being said, this fan really liked it. The music and Waits voice fit well. It does not seem forced, as they usually do. It flows. The only thing that I would say that you MUST change is that you misspelled Bukowski's name at the end. It is not Bucowski.

Nice, though.

yeah, mjp really likes stabbing. I mean a whole lot.

I enjoyed it also. great animation.
I liked it...but did you really spell his name "Bucowski" at the end? Come on, dude, you're better than that.

I really liked this...and, having been bitten by a typo or two in the past, I will avert my eyes on the misspell. Go tell us a little more about yourself in the NEW BLOOD - INTRODUCE YOURSELF section of the forum.
Yeah, nice and simple.
Where is that Tom Waits reading taken from - Born into this?

I hate the music, but then I'm hard to please that way. Given the subject and author, something like the 2nd movement of Mahlers 6th (cleverly edited) might have been more appropriate; starting low and building to a beautiful climax for "the gods await to delight in you".

The reading is as good as you could get. Spot on.

The misspelled name comes as a bit of a shock at the end of all that.

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