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From e-Bay.

"Set of four limited edition offsets printed in 1997 from original drawings by Charles Bukowski. Comes with 9 x 12 envelope addressed by Charles Bukowski, postmarked from Long Beach, California."

Am I missing something here?
You write "printed in 1997" and "addressed by Charles Bukowski".
There is, potentially, no problem with that.

Where's the link?
I emailed the seller and got a bit more info:

Steve Cresson (not sure if I am spelling his last name correctly), former Seattle printer, ran them for Darrin Daniel of Cityful Press....yet the prints only mention Bukowski's name on back. There were two sets printed, both on some sort of white cardstock: one with blue ink in a run of 26 (A-Z) and another in black in a run of 73 (one for each year of Buk's life). These were the drawings he did for Mountain & Plain Motorcycle Magazine (out of Denver), edited by the Gimp.

My guess from what he says is that it was a personal project that someone probably did without permission... still an interesting item though.

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