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“The essential doesn't change.” Beckett
I went yesterday and looked up Fante, specifically the Mencken letters, and collected letters and found that the library had them in the "literature department" on shelves kept out of the public's reach. As a result I had to go to a desk and sign them out to peruse in the library. I could not take them out of the building. They were hard covered and practically mint with clear plastic, stiff dust jackets gently glued in. Why aren't they available to the general public to take out? The short answer I got is that I just can't take them out. Why? What i really wonder is why are there an army of really excellent books in excellent condition that are just tucked away? Isn't that the opposite of what a library should be? It should be a book sharing place not just a bank/storage bldg for books. Am I missing something here? Don't get me wrong. I am glad they're made available at all but still...
it's cause the book is valuable and/or hard to replace.

those types of books get taken out and don't get returned - i don't think the library can charge more
than purchase price for replacement - so they make them 'in library' use only. and they still
get swiped sometimes.

did they make you put on the white gloves?
No white gloves but the books were brilliant. I really felt like i was discovering something for the first time. Very cool experience. I'm late to the "collectors items" type books game. Most of my versions of books are new editions or old beat up copies. I did wonder what it would take to steal them but I wouldn't want to take the experience of handling these great books away from someone else.

Valuable? I assume a little at least. I've never seen these books in any kind of bookstore but, like I said before, i'm relatively new to the quest for first editions and the like. All that being said ebay has a "perfect condition" soft cover for, including shipping, aprox $6. Duh, guess what I'm buying when i get home fr work today?

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