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I'm sure this has been discussed before? But can't find a thread. Did anyone read this book? The author is a huge Bukowski fan and dedicated the book to Bukowski. Throughout the book he speaks to Buk's ghost, kind of like a mentor. I actually enjoyed the book and found myself laughing out loud quite a bit. Just was curious to see what others thought of the book? Or hoping someone will post on here the existing thread if there is one...

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A couple of members have mentioned it, but it hasn't been discussed in any detail. Yet.


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I actually enjoyed it so much I'm thinking it may be my next read. I just finished "Dharma Bums" by Kerouac and need something MUCH less zenish. So I think the Losers Club will do fine.
Richard Perez, along with Eric Nersesian, are my favorite writers who aren't dead. He has a myspace and excerpts from a second novel on it. He's a big Buk fan but not a copycat at all.

These guys are both New York writers & I guess I relate being a (former) Boston boy.

Highly recomend them both.
I only looked Perez up again a couple of weeks ago, to check how his next novel is coming along after my memory of him was jogged by locating a copy of The Losers Club whilst tidying my shelves. I might be reading between the lines a little here but it looked as though he was having trouble trying to sort out a publishing deal for his 2nd novel, which to me seeming quite staggering.

Here is the link to the excerpts slimedog mentioned
Yeah, it's amazing-in music anyone with a "hit" is automatically given another go but I guess in publishing it's on a continous evaluation. His second, I think, is even commercial with it's sex and violence but even that is not enough, sounds like it'd be better than his first.


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I have no idea if it's publishing delays or what, but it's frustrating, since his new book has been done for like nearly two years?
He said that a while ago on his blog, that the book was completed, and i'm almost certain that was back in like 2007.


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Bill, I'm glad you're enjoying it so far. I can't wait to hear what you thought once it's finished. This talk about it has made me remember how much I actually enjoyed it, now I think I'll have to re-read soon.

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