The Marvin Malone Collection of Small Mags (1 Viewer)

I've spent the last year consolidating and making an inventory of my father's extensive collection of small literary mags, which of course, contains plenty of Bukowski material. I just finished the database and have put sample images and copies of the database on a Weebly site. Check it out at:
With the help of Jeff Maser, I'm hoping to place this collection in my father's name with some deserving institution. If you have any brilliant ideas on placement, please be in touch. Thanks!
That's a fantastic slice (hell, it's almost a whole pie) of literary history - thanks for sharing. Good to hear that Jeff is helping you out with this; I'm sure the two of you will find the proper home.
Great photos, Christa. I couldn't open the PDF, but that may be because I need to update my Adobe reader. No luck with Filemaker, either. It'll keep trying.
The pdf-file worked like a charm for me.
I immediately scrolled down to see if I could find "Write" magazine, but only found "Writ" & "Writing".
Darn close though...
I updated my Adobe reader and that solved the problem. Now I can open the PDF. What a fantastic collection. I'd like to disappear into a room with it for a hundred years.
Glad you were able to open that PDF file, David! Unfortunately, one room wouldn't hold that collection. I've packed 160 boxes so far!

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