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obviously, I haven't seen this yet as it's not released, but I'm going on record as saying I will love .
I too, think I will like the movie. It says it is a true story but Fargo said the same thing and it was not true. They may have copied the Coen brothers.
I'd say it was like being on an acid trip for those who lived through the period of the "60s or have knowledge of it. The gov't Remote Viewing program the quirky humor is based on was actually funded by the U.S. for real - seriously funded to counter the psychic research and espionage of the Russians (i.e. 'Psychic Research Behind the Iron Curtain') - but the movie makes U.S counter espionage seem even more ridiculous than the actual program did on the surface - all part of the fun. George Clooney is a hoot as one of the space-out remote viewers and Jeff Bridges is the ultimate trippy warrior in the hippiesque "New Earth Army". The scene where Cooney is "cloud busting" while driving and hits the only solid object in the Iraqian desert within a 100 miles of the car was hilarious, but I'd recommend the movie more for fans of C & B than for its wildly far-out psychedelic script, written by those who were perhaps too young to know first-hand of the combination of idealism and military carnage that was so much a part of the '60s. Still, it was an unexpectedly fun flashback to the unreality of it all, its humor, and the insane but funny distortion of reality that has carried over to now. I'd rate it about 3-½ tabs of acid. ;)
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There was a documentary in the Uk about this program a couple of years ago. It's very funny seeing the interviews with former members of the program. They seemed convinced that they actually killed animals through some psycic powers! I'll see if I can find it anywhere and provide the link
the given link is down.
You can watch the trailer now.
And you definitely should!
I almost wet my pants...
Can't wait till it starts in Germany.
I don't know, this movie has George Clooney in it, right? There are so many things I'd rather do than watch any, and I mean any movie with George Clooney, Gerard Butler(Aren't they the same person?), Sean Penn, Matt Damon, Jennifer Anniston, Matthew Mcconaughey, Luke Wilson, Russell Crowe or anyone else of the sort.

Ya know, I'd rather watch Jack White instruct a 9yr old kid to stomp on a $50.00 Montgomery Ward's guitar like he did in It Might Get Loud, a million times before I ever sat through an entire George Clooney movie. But, yes that's just me.

Did I mention I really can't stand George Clooney? Ok, enough for now.
no, no, no, George Clooney is horrible and he plays the same character everytime...but I am certainly not qualified to say that, as I honestly have never watched an entire movie with him....hmmm, I'm trying to think if I have ever even got through 1/4 of a movie with him....hold on, lemme ck imdb....ayyyyyyyyy, I was almost so proud of myself, but I cannot lie, I did sit through the entire Batman and Robin flick??? Nuff said.
Thank you Bogdan, I was going to mention that one last night but I wasn't sure of the title. The other Coen Bros. film to see is Burn After Reading he is not the main character but a very good role.
nervas may not be married but if he was forced to (which is what women do to get you to take them to George Clooney movies) see One Fine Day, or Syriana he might see that George Clooney can be successful playing pretty much the same guy over and over again.

I would much rather have to sit through a George Clooney movie than Richard Greer or John Cusak or Matthew McConaughey. Let's face it women like George Clooney and that means many of us have to see movies with stars our lovely dear women make us take them to. If you don't have some girl dragging you to the movies then you may be quite alone. Of course I'm speaking from the point of view of a very charming and handsom man so that may be part of why my wife is drawn to men like me on the silver screen. The rest of you can enjoy your Robin Williams, PeeWee Herman and horror flix.
I hear ya. Luckily the last girl I was with dragged me to a ton of movies that I didn't mind seeing. But John Cusak? What? John Cusak rocks!
Yes John Cusack can rock, but he gets himself into movies that are beneath his talent level and when surrounded by mediocre actors it seems to bring him down. Not that he's that great but when he's in with the right actors and good direction he shines.
I have yet to see The Men Who Stare at Goats.
I still haven't seen it. but I'm not rushing to the video store, if you get my drift.

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