The Moment #13 (1990) - Cover by Buk - $8,500 on Abe (1 Viewer)


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yeah, another rare item. B designed the cover for this issue. The original artwork is on Abe for $8,500 only ;)

if you don't have that sort of pocket money, here's the cover:

And it comes from Red Stodolsky's estate. Maybe that fact adds to the price...
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About as outrageous a price I've ever seen put on a Bukowski item. It's a $1000 or so worth of the most typical of Hank's doodlings. Is this an important mag for reasons unknown to me? The fact that Red owned something that Bukowski produced is as unremarkable as facts come. A nice inscription (and there were many) certainly would have been more meaningful than that it was simply part of Red's collection. How about $2500 plus any value I am unable to attribute to the significance of the mag (out of my usual ignorance)?
If you put that original drawing on eBay for $500 someone might bid it up to $700 or so. No way it would go north of $1k, nor should it. $8500 is about ten times too high.
ABE prices are often wishful thinking, or fishing for uninformed buyers. I've found many rare books go on eBay for a third to half of the ABE high price.
I clicked on the link to ABE and found that Stodolsky had the original drawing which appeared on the cover so thought perhaps he published The Moment ..but apparently not. Astonishing to keep finding all these publications to which Buk submitted his work. One thinks one has turned over almost every stone...At the moment, the above The Moment is on Ebay which is where I found it...

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