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just bought a copy of this on ebay for $10.50. I bought it thinking it was just a BSP hardcover, which was advertised. But when I opened it had the serigraph tipped in and was numbered 144 in red I'm very happy.
But, my reason for this thread is that on the end page where it is numbered it says "this first edition is published in paper wrappers," and on the ISBN page where it lists the editions (paperback, cloth trade, deluxe edition), the paperback is underlined. These conditions are the same in my BSP first edition paperback of this book...
Anyone else have a numbered edition? What does your ISBN and numbered page say?
Same with mine (#42). Seems that they are all like that. No cuse for concern that yours is not authentic. Everyone else out there agree?
That's funny, I bought the same book on eBay for about nine dollars and it is also a first with the print, though not advertised that way in the auction. I wonder if we bought from the same person...
half price computer books was the seller...I remember reading your post, but couldn't find it this afternoon.
Yeah, I can't find the auction anymore, but I'm sure that was not the seller I bought from.

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