The Noiseless Care Of A Blue Violet - 1966 (1 Viewer)


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Ole 6 - 1966

this is great....i love how he always disses mickey somehow- someway.
I wonder if he ever met Walt or Roy...? Or what they're conversations would have been like...I could only imagine.
Almost sounds like an acid trip if i didn't know better.
Thanks for the scan.

Fantastic poem. . . He never ceases to amaze me with a new wrinkle in his genius; no wonder he wrote so much to explore these infinite possibilities. Great poem.

Man, this guy explored every possible angle of what it was like to be human; and the vividness of the actuality or metaphor: I can see a perfect picture of him watching that fly on his hand?like I was the fly. No other poet gets to me like this (except maybe e.e. c/s).

Enough for today. . .
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Wonderful poem. Read it out loud slowly and watch what happens.

Nothing happened? I must been zoned.

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