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our reference library in toronto has a periodical - the painted bride quarterly. vol. 2 no. 4 (fall '75)

2 poems - 'mean and stingy' which is in database and 'nava and life' which i couldn't find.

let me know if 'nava and life' is uncollected and i'll scan and post it.

the library also has most or all the 60's chaps so i'm gonna put on the white gloves and check'm out.

they also have a sound cassette listed only as "monologue". probably nothing new but i'll check that too.

Digney in Burnaby

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From PBQ 43. Some changes to the wording of some of the poems when they appeared later in Betting on the Muse and The Continual Condition. Martinized I suppose.

pbq 43 3.JPGpbq 43 1.JPG pbq 43 2.JPG pbq 43 4.JPG
pbq 43 5.JPG pbq 43 6.JPG pbq 43 7.JPG pbq 43 8.JPG
pbq 43 9.JPG

Digney in Burnaby

donkeys live a long time
Thanks Hank.

So, in bent, which is the better choice?: "gibbeting" from PBQ 43 or "gibbering" in Condition? Of course, I had to look up "gibbeting" first to find out if it was a word or a typo, and then what it meant.
Execute the Immelman Turn by flying level with good energy, pulling back on the stick, and bringing the aircraft into a steep climb. This climbing turn is maintained until the aircraft passes through the vertical and completes a half loop. At the top of the loop the aircraft is inverted and the pilot rolls the aircraft back into the upright position. The aircraft is now at a higher altitude and has changed heading 180 degrees. This maneuver allows for some energy management through altitude gain but there is an obvious speed loss.

And gibbeting ladies makes sense to me in this poem.


d gray

tried to do his best but could not
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so i went yesterday. sign in, photo id, the whole deal.

i was impressed with what they had.

it catches...
if we take...
at terror street...
poems written before jumping...
all the assholes...
buk sampler...
flower, fist...

that was all i requested but they had more stuff.

the highlight was the copy of 'it catches' - it was PERFECT in a handmade box and was
so fresh like it had never been opened. yes, i smelled it.

great autograph page which i uploaded.

the cassette listed as 'monolgue' was exactly that. an hour or so of bukowski just rapping
about whatever came to mind. i'd never heard it before. didn't listen to the whole thing but
took some notes to see if anyone knows it.

- starts off with a 'disgust for humanity' rap

- then about phoning a woman who's watching a wc fields movie - he hangs up the phone
and crosses out 3 names from his blue book

- bad mouths an unnamed beat poet from the 50's

- bad mouths a painter he knows who drew in ink all over one of his chairs

and on and on.

it was great to see all that stuff. first time i'd seen any of it in person.

Attached the 2 poems from PBQ Vol. 2 No. 4, 'mean and stingy' and 'nava and life'.

nava and life.jpg mean and stingy1.jpg mean and stingy2.jpg it catches....jpg

(Edit:- pdf version attached)


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