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Movie site Rotten Tomatoes lists their 100 most poorly reviewed movies of the past ten years.

I thought I had to have suffered through at least 20 of them, but when going through the list we've seen only one (Jenny McCarthy's Dirty Love), and we didn't even choose it, it was in a stack of DVDs someone gave to us.

I consider that more an accident of luck than a badge of honor, but then again our tastes are not particularly mainstream, so we might not have bothered with a lot of the 100 worst.

But I know that some of you have been less fortunate...
sadly i just counted and I have seen 25 of these. A full 25%. In my defense, I am usually setting type while sitting on the couch and watching tv/movies at the same time, so if the movie is really stinky, I can just tune it out.

The funny thing is that there is one movie that I saw, and was SOOO disappointed that it is a long running joke in my house. I found the movie to be SO bad, that it still makes me mad that I actually sat through it. Some may disagree with me, but I found "The Astronaut's Wife" painfully boring to watch, to the point, where I really wanted to punch my TV.

I've seen two of these (88 Minutes and, and only because they were on cable and happened to come on after something else I was watching.

To be fair, 88 Minutes wasn't that bad, which is not to say that it was good. Probably about average on the scale of dumb-movies-you're-likely-to-see-on-HBO-whether-you-want-to-or-not.

On the other hand, was just plain stupid.
Man, I'm dissapointed. I really thought I would have seen at least 20 of these movies. We watch a lot of movies, mostly crap. We go to the local $2.00 theater a lot to see movies that have been released for a few weeks, and in total, I only have seen 4 of these movies. We have a pretty big dvd collection, and I don't even own 1 of these movies, I really think my taste is bad at times, but I have proven myself wrong...haha.

Anway I saw:

#78 Deck The Halls (don't remember how terrible it was)
#59 88 Minutes (Absoultely terrible, but Pacino's hair-do in the movie deserves some kind of award)
#40 Down To You (what ever happened to Freddie Prinze, Jr.)
#2 One Missed Call (eh, for another japanese horror re-make, I thought it was fine)

Here's the hair-do he wore in the movie:
0 for 100. but I haven't been in a video store in years and rarely go to the theatres.

well, don't I sound like a barrel of laughs. sorry ladies, I'm taken!
I counted 5 and they did suck. It's sad to see some big names like Al Pacino in there. I hear that in Nova Scotia E.T. is still on the new release rack in the video stores, is that true, Hooch?
He plays it off like a backwater, but I remember seeing some arty indie movie in a pomo basement theater in Halifax...the Dog and Monkey, I believe the place was called. They are quite sophisticated there. They just don't want anyone to visit, so they make it sound as bad as they can, and they say they are part of Canada to keep us away.
He plays it off like a backwater, but I remember seeing some arty indie movie in a pomo basement theater in Halifax...the Dog and Monkey, I believe the place was called.

Wormwood's Dog and Monkey Cinema


spent lots of time there in my late teens, early 20s. had a membership card and everything. it had 4 different locations in its history, but the basement in Carpenter's Hall were the halcyon years.

sadly, it's gone. but the building now houses a brewery that makes my favourite beer.


win some, lose some.
That's it. Nice small spot. Good movie geek theater. I was there in (I think?) 1994.

I would say that Nova Scotia is a great place, but I don't want to blow your cover.
Nova Scotia is a great place. but unfortunately, there was a new by-law this past summer that limits 4 foreign visitors per season. you have to apply well in advance and the application form is a bitch. President Obama was turned down because he forgot to answer the skill testing question.

I wish I could do something to change it, but I'm not very political. sorry.
I've been to Nova Scotia once. All I really remember was that it was painfully cold, and the heater in our car stopped working. I couldn't get out of there fast enough.

But that was in January, and I'm overly cold-weather averse. I'm sure it's lovely the other 11 months.
Ah, mdr, cold weather is a godsend to me. I'd rather it 20F than 80F. But to each their own, you know?

As for the movies, I've seen 1 out of 100; the original Larry the Cable Guy one. I thought it was funny. Not anything great, but there have to be a few hundred worse movies than that.

I mean, how many movies have a redneck holding up a rat stating "Look at the turd-cutter on this-un."?
As for the list of "rotten tomatoes" didn't see any. Zero out of a hundred. But I have seen many just as bad I suppose.
My favorite theater was the Ridge in Vancouver, never missed "Spike and Mike's Sick and Twisted Festival of Animation".
Lupo The Butcher, a classic.
Whew i haven't seen any of those. that's amazing. Although I know people who have worked on 5 or 6 of those movies. And I have to say I think there are a few others that might make the list. But since I haven't seen any of those I really have no way to gauge.

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