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xxx: yeah
xxx: the poems 1951-1993
xxx: martin selected some old stuff, lus new ones
xxx: actually, dumbass, the book is titled "the pleasures of the damned"
xXCaptMidnightXx: really
xxx: yeah, keep it on the DeeeL
xXCaptMidnightXx: ahahhahahah I will
xXCaptMidnightXx: what about the bukowski boards
xXCaptMidnightXx: LOL
xxx: don't
xxx: i might get in trouble
xXCaptMidnightXx: okay
xXCaptMidnightXx: my lips are sealed
xxx: coz then a different company might compete, bla bla blah
xxx: but the paperbacks i worked on should be out in a few months
xxx: march, i believe
xxx: this new book is for the general masses. like a "definitive" collection
xxx: clearly they can't put the whole catalogue in one book
xxx: fuck it, you can tell the boards

a little birdy sang to me
of new poetry collections

The Pleasures Of The Damned

for release after
The People Look Like Flowers At Last.

That's exactly why I don't believe the government has a warehouse full of little alien corpses or staged moon landings. No way in hell it could have been kept quiet...
it is someone at ecco

his name will be kept private for secrecy reasons.
just a little hint, he has posted here before.

Ah, another sampler. Yawn.

They should name it Cold Dogs in the Courtyard or Longshot Pomes for Broke Players, just to create confusion like Martin did with Run With the Hunted. ;)

Good work turning that up, HenryChinaski. undercover operatives are everywhere! No secret is safe!
Ah, another sampler. Yawn.

What do you mean by sampler? Is it stuff that is already out on the Black Sparrow/Ecco label or does that mean that it is just uncollected/little magazine publication stuff? Sorry if it seems like a stupid question, I just found the post vague (from a newbie standpoint).
It's going to be mainly things published in other readily available Black Sparrow books, that's what I meant by sampler.

Uncollected small press poems would make a great collection (according to cirerita, there are enough out there for a few collections), but that is not what this will be.
that is a pity, this being the end piece of his archive (I gather that "Flowers" will be the last book of unpublished work). Knowing very little about Buk, it is apparent that you could get another series going of the magazine stuff. It could be done like Ted Sturgeon, complete and in multi-volume; for era and genre. Perhaps even a book of fragments and unfinished work but Ecco seems too mainstream to wanna do anything with that.
ECCO? Mainstream? No, why what on earth would ever give you that idea?
lol I've been on an ECCO trashing rant in my past few posts. Sorry. I apologize for the harsh words.
Actually, I would like to see a "Bukowski - collected poems" book brought out by ecco or anyone else.
It would be the standard height and width... but it would be 3' deep.
Every poem they can lay their hands on in one utterly useless collection... rivaling the Encyclopedia Britannica

Bring it on!
And I would like to see a book with his uncollected short stories and articles from mags such as "High Times", "Hustler", "Open City" and all the rest of them...
when I asked Martin about publishing a book of short stories he said it was a no-go. Apparently, he believed at the time -2001- that the quality of the uncollected stories is not worth publishing. I also asked him about a book of reviews and he replied the same thing. He might have changed his mind, but he was pretty firm at the time...
Well it doesn't really matter what he thinks anymore, does it? ;)

In 20 years everything will be published. Okay, maybe that's wishful thinking, but here's what will happen: In another generation (a mere 20 years) Bukowski will be "discovered" by a group of young publishers who will make it their business to see everything in print.

By then you'll be able to get directly on your cranial implant.

And yes, it will still be here. Ha.
compliments of nymark:

this came in the mail today:

[Images removed from photobucket]

looks good. when it gets released, the hardcover will be really something amazing.
also, martins claims to have included the last of the uncollected poems.

bout 550 pages.

p.s. thanks to the alphabetical poem index in the back of the book, I've counted them up and it looks as though there are 20 uncollected poems in this last collection. I'll let you know which ones they are when I get a little more time...but right now, I'm late for work. it sucks because i'd love to stay home and read this proof all day. :/
Thats a nice little pressie. Lucky you H.C.

Well, maybe thats it...

yep, there are 20 previously uncollected poems. These are the titles:

dark night poem
the drowning
the girl outside the supermarket
something about a woman
advice for some young man in the year 2064 A.D.
bow wow love [Bow Down Love??]
the veryest
elephants in the zoo
the shit shits
the young lady who lives in Canoga Park
my fate
my atomic stockpile
thoughts from a stone bench in Venice
starve, go mad, or kill yourself
afternoons into night
coffee and babies
magical mystery tour
my special craving
no fair. i want one.

hey, ecco employees, uk proof reader waiting here - yoohoo! :p
Wow, what a brick! 576 pages it says on the back cover. I hope it contains all of his best stuff, like Genius of the Crowd, The Bluebird etc. When is it going to be released - next year?
november 07 is what it says on the back of the book. i will def be buying the hardcover delux edition because it'll be something amazing.
Four of those titles were ones that I published as broadsides over the years...

Pretty cool to see them in the book.
And magical mystery tour was in a Black Sparrow freebie, wasn't it?

How many of those are really hard to find?

It sort of bothers me to see a rehash collection like this when there's so much that could be done with really rare stuff. But that would just be catering to the geeks, I suppose. Every poem in there will probably be "new" to most people who pick up a copy.
Thank you for the heads up. I am on the list for November even out here in the sticks. Yes, it will all be new to me.
How does a 20 year old sk8 kid get a proof? Unless his profile is all sarcastic too. Good for you Rick Z. Frank Zappa would be proud to see his image in this forum.
LOL I know a guy who knows a guy.
hey man, get my name right, its Ryan.

BTW fellas, I scanned the contents pages. think it'd be okay if I post them? thought I'd ask first. as to the size of the book, there are 10 contents pages. thats a lot.
what's the hardcover "deluxe" edition? is it different than the normal hardcover edition (maybe not published on toilet paper like "flowers"???)... my geek-o-meter just went off when i read that.
BTW fellas, I scanned the contents pages. think it'd be okay if I post them? thought I'd ask first. as to the size of the book, there are 10 contents pages. thats a lot.
You can do it, but the forum is going to limit how many images you can attach to one post, so you may have to split it between a few posts.
what's the hardcover "deluxe" edition? is it different than the normal hardcover edition (maybe not published on toilet paper like "flowers"???)... my geek-o-meter just went off when i read that.

Ecco does not do deluxe hardcovers. Only the normal hardcovers, which will probably be on the same quality paper as "The People Look Like Flowers"...

I miss Black Sparrow dearly.
The Mockingbird 1
Something's Knocking At The Door 2
His Wife, The Painter 4
On The Sidewalk And In The Sun 6
The Elephants Of Vietnam 8
Dark Night Poem 9
The Last Days Of The Suicide Kid 10
Tabby Cat 12
Metamorphosis 14
A Poem Is A City 15
A Smile To Remember 17
A Free 25-Page Booklet 18
They, All Of Them, Know 21
A Future Congressman 26
Eulogy 28
The Drowning 31
Fooling Marie (The Poem) 33
The Young Man On The Bus Stop Bench 36
For They Had Things To Say 39
Silly Damned Thing Anyhow 40
Upon Reading An Interview With A Best-Selling Novelist In Our Metropolitan Daily Newspaper 42
Harbor Freeway South 43
Schoolyards Of Forever 46
In The Lobby 50
Sex 52
A Clean, Well-Lighted Place 53
Something For The Touts, The Nuns, The Grocery Clerks, And You 56
Blue Beads And Bones 62
Like A Cherry Seed In The Throat 64
Turnabout 65
Mystery Leg 67
The Girl Outside The Supermarket 74
It Is Not Much 75
2 Outside, As Bones Break In My Kitchen 77
The Japanese Wife 78
The Harder You Try 80
The Lady In Red 81
The Shower 82
I Was Glad 84
The Angel Who Pushed His Wheelchair 86
A Time To Remember 89
The Wrong Way 90
No Wonder 92
A Threat To My Immortality 94
My Telephone 96
Carson Mccullers 98
Mongolian Coasts Shining In Light 99
Putrefaction 100
Where Was Jane? 102
Something About A Woman 105
Sunday Lunch At The Holy Mission 107
Trashcan Lives 108
School Days 110
Grass 112
Crucifix In A Deathhand 113
The Screw-Game 115
Millionaires 117
When You Wait For The Dawn To Crawl Through The Screen Like A Burglar To Take Your Life Away 120
The Talkers 121
Art 122
Advice For Some Young Man In The Year 2064 A.D. 122
Ice For The Eagles 123
Girl In A Miniskirt Reading The Bible Outside My Window 124
Hell Is A Lonely Place 126
The Girls And The Birds 129
1813-1883 131
No Leaders, Please 132
Song 133
One For Sherwood Anderson 136
Bow Wow Love 137
The Day The Epileptic Spoke 139
When Hug Wolf Went Mad 141
In A Neighborhood Of Murder 142
The Strangest Sight You Ever Did See 143
The 2Nd Novel 146
Junk 148
Mademoiselle From Armetieres 150
Now 153
Society Should Realize 155
The Souls Of Dead Animals 157
The Tragedy Of The Leaves 159
The Birds 160
The Loner 162
The Genius Of The Crowd 165
German Bar 168
The Snow Of Italy 169
For Jane: With All The Love I Had, Which Was Not Enough 171
Notice 173
For Jane 174
Eulogy To A Hell Of A Dame 175
Barfly 177
Was Li Po Wrong? 178
The Night I Saw George Raft In Vegas 180
I Am Eaten By Butterflies 182
The Veryest 184
Man Mowing The Lawn Across The Way From Me 186
Oh, Yes 188
Poop 189
Phillipe's 1950 194
Downtown 195
Elephants In The Zoo 197
Girl On The Escalator 198
The Shit Shits 201
Big Time Loser 204
Commerce 206
Come On In! 210
The Bakers Of 1935 211
Secret Laughter 215
Democracy 216
An Empire Of Coins 217
What? 221
The American Flag Shirt 222
Now She's Free 223
The Simple Truth 224
Gold In Your Eye 226
A Great Writer 228
The Smoking Car 230
The Shoelace 232
Self-Inflicted Wounds 235
Verdi 237
The Young Lady Who Lives In Canoga Park 240
Life Of The King 243
My Failure 245
A Boy And His Dog 247
Liberated Woman And Liberated Man 250
Small Talk 252
The Crunch 254
Funhouse 258
The Poetry Reading 259
Somebody 261
The Colored Birds 263
Poem For Personnel Managers 265
My Fate 270
My Atomic Stockpile 271
Bruckner (2) 272
Hello, How Are You? 274
Vacancy 275
Batting Slump 277
Bang Bang 279
The Pleasures Of The Damned 281
One More Good One 282
The Little Girls Hissed 285
Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha, Ha Ha 288
Thoughts From A Stone Beach In Venice 289
Scene In A Tent Outside The Cotton Fields Of Bakersfield 291
3:16 And One Half 295
A Literary Discussion 297
Butterflies 300
The Great Escape 302
My Friend William 304
Safe 306
Starve, Go Mad, Or Kill Yourself 308
The Beautiful Lady 310
My Life As A Sitcom 311
Who Needs It? 313
Riots 314
Those Marvelous Lunches 315
The Look 321
The Big One 322
The Genius 323
About The PEN Conference 327
What A Man I Was 328
Scarlet 332
Like A Flower In The Rain 334
A Killer 336
Prayer In Bad Weather 337
Melancholia 340
Eat Your Heart Out 342
I Made A Mistake 344
She Comes From Somewhere 345
The High-Rise Of The New World 346
Car Wash 348
Van Gogh 349
The Railroad Yard 351
The Girls At The Green Hotel 352
In Other Words 354
Destroying Beauty 356
Peace 357
Afternoons Into Night 359
We Ain't Got No Money, Honey, But We Got Rain 361
Marina 372
Trollius And Trellises 373
Beagle 378
Coffee And Babies 379
Magical Mystery Tour 381
The Last Generation 383
About Competition 387
A Radio With Guts 388
The Egg 390
A Killer Gets Ready 392
In The Center Of The Action 394
Poetry 395
Notes Upon The Flaxen Aspect 396
The Fisherman 398
The 1930's 399
The Burning Of The Dream 401
Sit And Endure 410
Goldfish 411
Finish 412
Dreaming 415
My Special Craving 416
A Love Poem 418
One Writer's Funeral 421
The Wine Of Forever 423
The Pile-Up 425
My Big Night On The Town 426
Close Encounters Of Another Kind 429
Drying Out 431
Scene From 1940 433
The Area Of Pause 434
I Know You 436
Relentless As The Tarantula 438
The Replacements 440
To Lean Back Into It 441
Eating My Senior Citizen's Dinner At The Sizzler 443
It's Strange 447
The Beast 448
Woman On The Street 450
Lost In San Pedro 451
Manx 454
The History Of A Tough Motherfucker 455
Bad Fix 458
One For The Old Boy 460
My Cats 462
Death Wants More Death 464
The Lisp 466
On Being 20 468
Meanwhile 470
The World's Greatest Loser 471
Human Nature 473
The Trash Men 476
A Gold Pocket Watch 478
Talking To My Mailbox 479
I Liked Him 481
One For The Shoeshine Man 482
The Proud Thin Dying 485
Shot Of Red-Eye 486
About Pain 491
Hot 492
Who In The Hell Is Tom Jones? 495
The Price 497
I'm In Love 499
The Girls 501
The Ladies Of Summer 502
Tonight 503
Shoes 504
Hug The Dark 505
Face Of A Political Candidate On A Street Billboard 507
Whit Dog 508
On Going Out To Get The Mail 509
Spring Swan 511
How Is Your Heart? 512
Closing Time 514
Racetrack Parking Lot At The End Of The Day 516
There 519
Dinosauria, We 520
Mind And Heart 523
TB 525
Crime Does Pay 527
The Orderly 539
The Nurses 531
Cancer 533
First Poem Back 534
Tired In The Afterdusk 535
Again 536
So Now? 537
Blue 538
A Summation 539
Sun Coming Down 540
Twilight Musings 524
My Last Winter 543
Like A Dolphin 544
The Bluebird 545
If We Take 547
Man... that's a solid body of work poetic.

Hey HC, where's "the best love poem I can think of" from?

Thanks for the scans.

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