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I have been enjoying this master piece lately. I started reading it in order at first, now I just flip it open to any random page wah la, that is where I find myself. I found this to be really fun. You never know what you are going to get. I still haven't gotten my The Hills Run Away... and Mockingbird... yet. I better get my mom that sweatshirt that she wanted, cause that is the deal. I get her that and she gets me those books. It's almost like I feel I can't move forward with my life until I start reading these two.

I miss Buk! I wish he was still here.

I have started to reference him in some of my songs. I hope no one gets pissed. And if I use a line or two of his, how do I go about paying his estate the royalties to do so? I want to be completely fair about this and not piss Linda off or any of you... I can't have anyone on my favorite website ever being upset about this, not even one person, or I won't do it.

Help an old man out!

Anyhow, I just wanted to say hey to you all! I know I don't post too much, but I am here a few times a week reading your words and taking them all to heart!

Thanks for everything so far! You are all truly amazing and I hope one day we can all have a forum party! Maybe we could organize a Buk Fest or Forum party? Hell, maybe you already have.

Hope to talk to you all soon and keep being Awesome!

your friend,
Josh Rock
A line here or there, MAY be considered fair use, but maybe not. I'm no lawyer and apparently I may be full of shit! To be sure, you would need to contact Harper Collins and ask for permission. My understanding is that they usually want a decent amount of money to set Buk to music, but a line here or there may be inexpensive, or at no charge. Still, it would be best to contact them. You would probably have to send the request in writing, but they may have a request form for these things...

Thanks so much for the info Bill!!! I think I'll probably just hold off. I don't want to water down his words. I rethought it and I am thinking Buk would have been pissed if I did such a thing. Do you know by any chance if the band Senses Fail had to get permission for using the title "Let it Enfold You," in their song? They named one of their songs that.
I have no idea, but really find it hard to imagine that you would need permission to use a single line from a poem as a title of a song. I would probably credit it so that you were not plagiarizing it, but do you really need legal permission for that? It seems like it falls under fair use. anyone know what's the deal on this?

I know you meant the liner notes and I would reference it there too but I would actually have those be some of the lyrics too setting up what it is that he said.
I wonder if the poems released here are really in order as they were written or there are some exceptions? 1951-1993 seems fairly a long time to keep this rule, but surely not impossible. Also if anyone can tell, what's new in it that makes it a gem besides Buk's outstanding talent... or is it actually should be regarded as a bestof?

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