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I know this has been mentioned elsewhere, but I just came across a brief reference to this novel in Mug Shots. Who's Who in the New Earth (Canada, 1972), containing a Charles Bukowski profile of sorts.

The profile ends this way:
Talks proudly and will show you a snapshot of his daughter, Marina; and he's at work on a new novel, The Poet. "It's fairly filthy, very lively, and just a little bit literary."
mjp, now you have a true reason to go that library and take a look at it!
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Well that puts an approximate date on it, which is interesting. I will have to go take a look at it. Something tells me if it was worked on that early in the 70's, parts of it may have made their way into other novels.

The problem with scheduling a visit to USC to look at that stuff is they want you to specify in advance which material you want to see (it's stored off-site), and I think if I say, "all of it," they won't let me come in. ;)
Ah. I just stumbled over the date in the timeline and wanted to ask ... now I know. Any news on this one?

I can't stop thinking about it.
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I haven't had time to go to USC, but I have the number of the guy to call to get any material set aside for viewing. It will probably be a couple months before my life returns to anything resembling 'normal,' though, and until then I don't really have time to go check it out. Must be plenty of people here within driving distance of USC...
mjp -- I have recently been going to a special collection/archive type Library and asking to see some rare literary materials (not Buk). I haven't done this sort of thing before and had some trepidation about them letting me at the stuff. My experience has been pleasant, if comical. They are happy to let me see the items I request, when they can be found, which is only about a third of the time. But you're right, if you ask to see it all, you won't, although they may bring you something, anything.
Now we're in dangerous territory...if an item can't be found, does it really exist? ;)

But I'll bet some of it can't be found because it disappeared into someone's notebook or backpack. Too bad.
The rare library items I requested may have been stolen, but I doubt it, because I got the impression no one had ever looked at some of it before I asked to see them. Given the way some items that couldn't be found later surfaced while others I'd seen later could not be found, and the fact that the items may be in any one of four locations or in transit between those locations, I think it's just an organizational problem. I expect most of them will turn up eventually.

Horrifying to think someone would actually steal a rare book or manuscript, but I'm sure it happens.
Apparently he was still working on The Poet in 1975. Leisurely indeed.


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