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I saw this on the timeline and was fascinated. I had a quick search through the forums and could only find a couple of threads where people vaguely referenced visiting Buk's archived materials. One mentions it being a very thick work. I'm thinking if it was substantial you folks would have been all over it already, but just wondering if we know anything about it...
The Poet may be at USC, I don't recall what was listed in the boxes I requested when I scheduled my visit.

Only problem was I didn't ever make it to the library.

Will go back one of these days.
The Poet is at USC, and it's a thick MSS. I recently found out that the first chapter was later used as a short story.
I had it wrong. It actually was an uncollected Notes of a Dirty Old Man column which B. used as the opening chapter.
[...] an uncollected Notes of a Dirty Old Man column [...]

so who's gonna collect the whole amount of the 'Notes' then? City Lights please?

(I am aware, that a lot of them aren't exactly great writing, but still I'd like to see them all collected. in chonological order, with the date and magazine they appeared in.)
I think "Notes" will be collected at some point. It seems like City Lights will keep publishing Buk stuff as long as it sells, so it's probably just a matter of time.
I'm sure lots of people would like to read some more "Notes"...
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I saw the MSS again a couple of weeks ago, and it's not that big. There are 120 pages only, and 60 of them are some sort of first draft. I think to recall there are 19 or 20 short chapters. It has a Women kind of air to it as B. tells about his relationships with women at the time (Linda K. basically) and he also talks about his poetry readings "adventures".

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