The "Poetry" of Roger Clemens (1 Viewer)


A writer from has taken excerpts from the testimony of major-league pitcher Roger Clemens and created some nice verses.

Funny stuff HERE
Rumsfeld : The bureaucrat bard

Shit that known knowns speech was funny. I remember it being parodied as something like the "Known Gnomes" speech which was only marginally funnier than the original drivel that oozed from Rumsfeld's gob.

Somehow making it look like verse seems to give it a shade of dignity.
Not much of a Clemens fan myself. Even early on, he had the air of a spoiled brat. Now...hehehe, he goes to the Hall of Shame wearing the mark of the Steinbrenner. How apropeau!

Now if this was the poetry of Dock Ellis, that's another story altogether.:cool:

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