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stop the penistry
said to be equal or unequal.
For instance,
one solid is said to be other,
that which is in any way the cause may reasonably be said to be moreover, and cold,
and blackness are affective reached the stage
when it is by nature capable of sighOne thing is
like another only with reference to that in
while good and evil
do not belong to genera,
but are themselves actual possible to retain it,
so that, naturally, as the parts do not state when sight is natural is not said either to be blind or to
that of a master;
these are merely instances of a general rule.
and attitude.

{line breaks added by me, of course...}
that's genius.
Breton would be proud.

I was getting stuff like that for a while and I actually saved them and would go back and read them again.
Deleted them and no longer get them.... :(

I think that I shall never see
a page of spam
as real as ham.
But if I do
I still may sue
and bounce the spam to sender.
yeah, literature generators were fairly popular in the early days of artificial intelligence research. i did a lot of research about them in grad school- one of the more famous ones "wrote" a book called "the policeman's beard is half-constructed". it's pretty interesting to see what the most advanced literature generator ever conceived was capable of over 20 years ago.

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