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so i understand
there are some pot smokers
on this forum

wake & bake
ladies and gentlemen

My God Almighty - what type of grass is that Bongobill it looks highly potent - I have never seen grass that colour, let me know, I'm sure it will lead to psychosis in five easy tokes!

homegrown's allright with me
homegrown's the way it should be
homegrown's a good thing
plant that bell and let it ring.
afraid not
(that's a federal offense)

so, you're located in spain
i thought your user name had spanish overtones

is it pronounced
like a drunkard slurring
'senorita' ?
I'm located in Spain because I'm Spanish. Does it make sense at all? ;)

actually, "cirerita" it's Catalán, one of the languages used in Spain. And it's pronounced as it is written, even when you're drunk as a skunk...
apparently you're feeling paranoid. no worries, light up and relax

the thing is that lighting up makes me want to just relax in my chair, and typing becomes too much of an effort. drinking, though, makes one type excessively. whence the ratio of posts in "last time you were drunk thread" to posts here.
I'm located in Spain because I'm Spanish. Does it make sense at all? ;)

actually, "cirerita" it's Catal?n, one of the languages used in Spain. And it's pronounced as it is written, even when you're drunk as a skunk...

you're spanish
living in spain
that makes no sense what-so-ever

nearly everyone in california
is from somewhere else
one of the first things a stranger asks
is 'where you from ?'
when i say 'here', they gasp 'really ?'

i will visit your country
i am an admirer of spanish culture
you'll be welcome! I'll you show the best places in town and you'll get as high as you can while playing the bongos away :D
Hey cirerita, if I'm ever back over in your part of Spain I will be sure to give you a call. I will happily smoke the weed and play the bongos till the end of time. I have been a drummer for over 10 years...I can hit it with the best of them...and the worst.

(In Glasgow there has been a real shortage in good grass. I think the police managed to do their job quite well for a change. Dman!)
homegrown's allright with me
homegrown's the way it should be
homegrown's a good thing
plant that bell and let it ring.

Plant that bell and let it ring.
Fucken-ay, Holmes. Two thumbs up.

Did you compose that happy rhyme, Cirerita?

Had to go literally months without any---couldn't fucken find any! (We're not in California anymore, Toto). Had to go without from Spring to Fall...Looked into buying it online and found a few dealers but they wanted like ?20 per gram. I told them to go fuck their greedy, heartless selves with an eggbeater.

It was a drag to go without but I assured myself that surely I would live long enough to get some more someday. And sure enough, we are back in the green again, baby. Back in our preferred state of consciousness: Pleasant & dopey in a stupid, brutal, over-regulated, beat-you-to-the-parking-space kind of world.

Go ahead, you can have it, mate. I'll find another. I don't mind walking. I don't mind anything because I know I got some skunk-a-reemis waiting for me at home.:)
neil young indeed! he's the culprit ;)

back in 1999, before playing the song he said:
This started out to be a good-time, funky little song about dope, and then it evolved by not changing and letting everything else change around it - kind of like Jerry Garcia.
Here's Neil Young famous honey slides recipe :D as he described it at a concert at the Bottom Line Club in New York City, NY, May 16, 1974 while introducing the song "Motion Pictures".

"Anyway, we're in this hotel room (harmonica), we're trying some honey-slides, you know....You know what a honey-slide is? (voice from audience: Yes!) Honey-slide, mmmmmmn!

You know, poor grade marijuana (he's playing soft guitar all through this... Motion Pictures intro), worse than you get on the street, and you take it and you get your old lady, you know, if you got one, to cook it up on the stove, you know, put that stuff in the grinder, get it real fine, in a frying pan, put it on the stove, turn the heat up a little, wait till the grass just starts to smoke, just a little bit, take it off the heat, don't want to burn it too much (laughter and a few guitar bars), then you take the honey, you know, get a half a glass of honey about this big - I hope you ladies are listening to the recipies tonight - (audience laughter and a few words missing) just heat that honey up until it's slippery, you know, and mix that grass with it, you know the fine grass that you've cooked up just until it started to smoke and you took it off, mix those together and you get a spoon you know (voices from the audience and laughter).

I think you should eat it after that. Just eat a little of it, you know, maybe a spoonful or two, you'll be surprised, it just makes you feel fine... (laughter) That cheap grass is great. You know, in these times, you have to think about prices and things like that (laughter).
actually, an alien
which brings to question
the implications of the resemblance...hmm

isn't it amazing glassblowing artistry?
see the little ray gun it's using to light up with
although i'd hate to have to clean it
after a month or so of continual use
it's so nice to find kindred spririts.... it's just past harvest season in spain and i am enjoying myself. not llike california, but tis good, tis good....

cirerita .... i'm in barcelona ... jo puc una mica de catala .... and i couldn't find cirerita in my dogeared catala-castella dictionary ....
pepe c,

actually, I'm not catalan -though I've learnt to speak the language- and "cirerita" is sort of a spanish version of the catalan word, "cirera".
I've been indulging and puffin the magic dragon as of lately. I used to not be able to because it gave me panic attacks...but I've learned to relax.
I never tried those honey slides, but the audience was sure laughing out loud while Young was explaining the recipe, so they were either high on that or they knew its effects only too well... of course, that was in '74 and the times were different...
A poetic pothead indeed. The rest of that site is pretty interesting too!
Dr. Lester Grinspoon is quite a capacity on pot use...
Marijuana Top U.S. Cash Crop at $35 Billion

Monday, Dec. 18, 2006 4:41 p.m. EST
Marijuana Top U.S. Cash Crop at $35 Billion

U.S. growers produce nearly $35 billion worth of marijuana annually, making the illegal drug the country's largest cash crop, bigger than corn and wheat combined, an advocate of medical marijuana use said in a study released on Monday.

Full story here (sorry its a conserve rag):

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