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Not a great movie but a very good performance by Kate Winslet. I could see how someone might like the movie, but the story sucked. The actions of the characters was not believable to me. I came away with a why didn't he do that and she wouldn't have done that kind of feeling.

The Reader
...Kate Winslet...
You can watch her and still think about plot holes? I just stare at her - the plot seems inconsequential. As if any story that happens to be going on is just there as an excuse to look at her for a couple hours.

But then again, Cedric the Entertainer has the same effect on me. ;)

But she has been in two really outstanding movies, Jude (I know you've never heard of it, but see it anyway) and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.
I have with The reader the same kind of behaviour as with The perfume : I've heard of them years and years ago, everybody praised them to me but I actually never read them, giving every year priority to other books and rapidly forgetting them till I realize having forgotten them and put them on my next year's book list and so on.

Very strong movie indeed.
Indeed ;) , I'm fond of Thomas Hardy and I found Michael Winterbottom's movie very faithful to the novel.
Another of his books, Tess of the d'Urbervilles, was adaptated by Roman Polanski, and it was as excellent ! With the beautiful Nasstasja Kinski, who doesn't appear in any film anymore :confused:

I'm not a huge fan of Kate Winslet. But I must admit she's incredibly frightening and convincing in Heavenly creatures (from Peter Jackson). I think it was her first role, she's so different in it compared to her following films, it's just crazy. Look at her mad eyes !

At 7:55 begins the horrible ending.
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I thought the characters in The Reader were very believable and realistic.
Not a lot of movies tend to be.
It seems like the majority of directors out there would have loved to have wrapped it up in some 'warm and fuzzy' blanket, smooth out the rough edges, sprinkle it with some cutesy one liners, and end it with both characters, together, at last, because they both did was was expected of them to do.
Watching it, I thought the guy was going to end up taking her case and defending her, but alas, that didn't happen, making me like the movie even more.

Little Children is a mighty fine movie too.
(Thanks to Billville and his austenian zombies, I've realized I've forgotten to quote Sense & Sensibility, where Kate Winslet plays a perfect Marianne Dashwood).

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