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Meh. He has an interesting style.

He's a story teller, in the rich tradition of
Southern Story tellers. . . Faulkner, Harper Lee.
Pick one.

Southern Stories don't jab, like Heningway's
stories, they roundhouse, and deliver a punch clear out of left field.

It has been my experience that Southern writers
reward their readers with rich landscapes, intricate
stories, and a rewarding read.

They reward patience.

Just saying. ;)
I have it on the shelf but haven't read it although I've read it's outstanding. It's a First/First in perfect condition and I don't want to screw with the copy.
Being something of a McCarthy purist, I avoided The Road for something like a year -- despite pleadings from friends to read the damn thing -- because the crass commercialism of No Country For Old Men (the novel, not the film) turned me off McCarthy's new material. And then the Oprah endorsement and that awkward interview he did on her TV gab fest scared me away from The Road even more.

Finally ... I just relented and read the book.

It's awesome and his power with language is back on fine display. He somehow takes the overdone post-apocalypse motif and breathes new life into it.

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