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That's too bad. I liked the book, but some of the language seemed out of place... Still, I like post-apocalyptica. I think that should be a word...
I wish they would have focused more on the violence. I was tired by the end of the movie. I was not however tired during the book.
I have yet to see the film - but I have heard very mixed reviews. My brother have seen it about 4 times!

I'm not sure if I really like Cormac McCarthy or not...I enjoy his writing style, but the complete lack of any type of humour makes his writing a bit too one dimensional for me. He is good though.


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I found parts of Suttree quite funny. but for the most part, yes, not much humour.
I liked the movie. It's been a long time since I read the book but I thought it was quite faithful. I remember getting an overwhelming sense of hope from the end of the book but I didn't get that from the movie. Just as bleak and sparse as the story but not as hard to get into. All in all, I thought it was pretty good.
That was the problem. It was faithful to the book (which I didn't think much of either).

It took me ages to get into it. It was really painful. But then it kind of clicked and I got it, got the rhythm and his style and in the end really enjoyed it. It was the first and only McCarthy book I have read (so far) so I have no idea if all his books read the same or not. I don't think I could go cover to cover on another book written the same way.. but we'll see I guess.

Edit: seriously could have done without the shot of Viggo Mortensen balls... but that's just me.

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