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Back in the prehistoric days of the internet I posted poems to the big usenet poetry group and I remember being so offended when they deconstructed and "improved" them for me. In my opinion they were finished, I just wanted everyone to say how great they were. Ha ha.

But after I got over myself and read their comments and suggestions, I couldn't agree with any of them. All of their suggestions served only to make the poems more average and dull.

I doubt that's exactly what Bukowski is saying (he's talking about readings in that poem if I'm not mistaken), but I agree with the sentiment.
'readings' seems right to me - i know when it (a finished poem) is worth my signature - critics be damned - you just know an audience can be moved by the reading...submitting to any source for "advice" is simply writing for a market -
and...i don't wish to be leonard cohen -

sure is damned stinking hot...

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