The Slapping Scene

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  1. quite frankly
    i was shocked
    when bukowski became abusive
    to linda during the interview
    any comments/discussion ?
  2. I think that Linda or Buk mentioned this at a later time.

    I'm sure that one or two of our members will remember the exact quote.

  3. HI,
    Also, remember that Linda Bukowski was rumored to have had the final say for the released video. By that, I mean that she had parts that she did not want in there. I heard that the director removed those parts. This was apparently not one of them. Apparently it did not bother her after the fact.


  4. wasn't buk so drunk that he had no recollection of that incident?
    i forgot where i read that.i was shocked too when i first saw that.
    drinks do pull things out though.and how!
  5. buk was a human and he was not afraid to show it.

    On top of that, you have to consider his background,the kind of woman he HAD TO settle for in his earlier years(well,until he was 50 i guess).
    I think linda was able to think that way. should also waste a thought or 2 to the fact that AFTER his success, all kinds of woman came flying to him..
  6. that scene is becoming a classic in the B mythology. Schroeder said he left the camera running because B didn't tell him otherwise, but he said he felt quite nervous and didn't quite know how to handle the situation -as the director, that is.

    the scene was later re-used in both The Ordinary Madness of CB and BIT, and probably elsewhere.

    Linda stated that was the only time B treated her that way. I suspect that's not entirely true, though. Just a suspicion, no facts to prove it, but during that period -during the shooting of The CB Tapes- they were living apart most of the time and B was VERY insecure emotionally, as reflected in many unpublished letters. I have this feeling he could have been extremely violent -maybe not phisically, though. This scene is a good picture of where they were at during those years. Sad, but true.
  7. d gray

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    wow. considering some of the crazy shit he says in the video, as well as that scene with linda, it's hard to imagine what she didn't want included in it and why not. any idea?
  8. lol that was a great scene. WITH A JEWISH ATTOURNEY.
  9. I recall reading or hearing somewhere that Schroeder asked them if they both wanted the scene cut out on the original release of the tapes. "Oh no," they said, "that was the best part!"?or words to that effect. However, for the DVD release, Linda evidently felt differently and didn't want it included; but Dullaghan choose to include it because he felt it was characteristic of Bukowski's temperament, and this type of a situation had undoubtedly played out many times in B's life. I think he made the right artistic decision to keep it in. (If I'd known him, I think Bukowski might have kicked me off the couch too, after 5 or 6 bottles of wine.)

    Linda later said that the humiliation of this never happened again. She wisened up, became stronger and would go upstairs while he ranted downstairs?"Whatever you say, papa!" They had worked it through on both sides, married in '85, and lived happily ever after like Beauty and the Beast, with ne'er so much as another difference of opinion, heated argument, or single hair of grass out of place. ;-)

  10. i keep waiting
    for MY wife
    to wisen up

  11. I think it's great the "slapping" scene was included in Schroeder's final cut, because I do think there is an element of violence in BUK that sometimes is pushed aside or "overlooked". Case in point, Linda King. It seems by all accounts those two could really get to each other, and I think she could be just as cruel and manipulative as him. However, what do you do with the fact that he hauled off and broke her nose? I think if Linda Bukowski was given the option to have the scene cut, it was quite smart of her to leave it in. It confronts the viewer with another aspect of BUK that they might like or hate, but which they have to confront at some point if they want to know more about the man behind the books.
  12. hank broke linda kings nose?
    first time i hear that,any second voices?
  13. Bukfan

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    In Sounes Buk bio page 120: "...he punched her in the face. He punched her so hard he broke her nose. In the morning she woke with two black eyes."
  14. well,that must have been the "distorted part" of buk that martin is talkin about in "born into this"...

    though linda king was really crazy...
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  16. careful, careful...we don't want to break the eggs...

    Bukowski was no fiction...was he...


    But in all seriousness
    surely there are several refrences
    to Bukowski hitting women and
    getting into fights with the
    opposite sex?

    Doesn't change a thing...
  17. Whoops...I wasn't trying to break any glass houses....:D
  18. I didn't like the 'slapping scene' one bit. It made me feel nauseated. (I was raised in horrific domestic violence).
    Only the very naive or ignorant would be unaware of the violence inherent in entrenched alcoholism. I certainly knew it was there, I didn't have to see it!.
    The producers may have been trying to show a 'range' of emotions. I thought it was a bit of a alcoholic can feel hundreds of disparate emotions in one day!.
  19. it happens

    men hit women. weak men, that are powerless to take out their anger against other men. women hit men. they become uncontrollable and think they can claw or scratch or slap. a man doesn't need to hit a woman; take her breathing and watch the change in her attitude. people are horrible to each other. that is the nature of things. some folks feel as if being married gives you someone to fight with, and it fills some lacking in their being. it's not right, it just is. i love my wife and we get along, i'm not violent with her and try not to be with others. but many are. nature dictates it. i've recently seen a commercial where folks do the right thing and others witness it and pass it along. it brings tears. life affirmation does that to me but i'm still interested in the hard side, the darker side. aren't we all, in some way?
  20. But c'mon, there's a difference between seeing it happen and hearing or reading about it. Watching someone get torn in two by a tank round is certainly more disturbing than just being told that it happened.
  21. have you people who are "shocked" ever read any of this mans work? maybe you should be reading a safer writer... or watching capote.
  22. ok i just read ALL the responses and all i have to say is that some of you are weak in the worst way... you will invite violence against women into your homes if it is in word, but in seeing it you are sickened...

    you are the kind of people who dont want to know where their food comes from but would love a meal of fois gras without even thinking.

    i ask you all to reconsider your black and white veiw of life.
  23. well... aren't we special.
  24. i dont think im special at all for not sticking my head in the sand on this... and im not trying to hurt any feelings... but damn, a scene like that is a part of bukowskis reality...
  25. you sure read all the posts?
  26. you will invite violence against women into your homes if it is in word, but in seeing it you are sickened...

    you are the kind of people who dont want to know where their food comes from but would love a meal of fois gras without even thinking.

    So I read the bible and am amazed at the great flood, awed by the pestilence but if I recoil at some open blister on my mouth or at the site of a bloated cat on some New Orleans street I'm afraid of the black and white world.

    One last point it, takes more intestinal fortitude to de vein fois gras than one would imagine but the results are worth the effort.
  27. cirerite, point taken. i was speaking a bit too generally.

    Jimmy, i hear ya... about the fois gras thing though... that shit is just plain gross! isn't it banned in chicago now too? if so, awesome.

    anyway, we all agree beating women is terrible, so thats cool.
  28. yes, read PLENTY of his work

  29. what i meant by 'shock'
    that it was a 'suprise' within the context of the film
  30. she called him an idiot in a very demeaning way and said she was going to live with other people, not sayin what he did was right but daaaamn...

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