The Slapping Scene

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  1. About 30 years ago (when my balls were bigger and my brain smaller) I was driving a taxi and, one night at about 1:00 am in a donut store parking lot I came across a guy beating the shit out of his girlfriend. I got out of my cab to try to stop it. As soon as I said something the guy stopped hitting the woman. So far so good, right? Then the woman starts screaming at me "You white honky ass motherfucker! Mind your own fucking business asshole!" So I just said to the guy, "Have at it," got back into the cab and drove away.
  2. thank you i know ;)

    yeah you're right...but in fact anyways if your a man or a a woman, efverybody feels the pain to get beaten it doesn't matter what kind of thing you got between your legs... and so its just ...i can't explain it... i mean tell somebody, somewhere:

    "oh what have you don, getting your eyes so black?"
    "my wife has beaten me up!"

    now think vice versa

    its a sick world we're in

    @ chronic...reminds me of "Barfly" ;)
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    I would say whore not girlfriend by her pimp. She knows if you help her she gets it twice when you leave. You know I am right.

    Nice story chronic, quite touching.
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    You mean this girl?

    That's a photo taken when Bukowski had a cameo in a strange 70's movie called Supervan. We haven't identified her yet (I don't think we have).

    This is Linda King as she looked in the early 1970s:

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    Great pic of Linda King, hank solo! I've never seen it before, I think...
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  6. i want to see it all...
  7. I thought that was Jojo Planteen - you can see a picture of her in one of the bios, and there are a couple letters to her in the manuscripts section here.
  8. Hi,
    It does look like her. That would explain much. Wasn't Buk trying to date her? That would explain why he would appear in an awful movie.

    Women do strange things to us all....


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