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Here are first few pages of "The Star", originally published in Oui and then in Betting on the Muse.

I posted this with a corrected version to illustrate the changes in the version in Betting on the Muse, but the Betting version was taken down since one cannot post BSP text here--but the text as it appeared in Betting is substantially changed from the original appearance in Oui...
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Pogue Mahone

Officials say drugs may have played a part
While looking at the database I couldn't believe Martin would sink so low to publish some of that filth. He must have been desperate for editable material...

"Barbara, I'm home."

"How was your day, John?"

"Just terrible, Barbara. I edited one of those stories Bukowski published in a girly magazine. The whole thing made me sick."

"But John, the Germans loved those stories. We got 20 percent of the royalties."

"Barbara, those Germans are all a bunch of perverts. What people don't understand is that Bukowski was a romantic, but just had trouble expressing himself. I'm making his words much more accesible to everyday people."

"Shut the fuck up John and make me another martini you worthless piece of shit!"

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