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MAGNET magazine lists the most overrated and underrated Stooges songs.

with all the Stooges talk around here lately, I thought some might be interested.
He goes to way too much trouble in that article. I can do it in 9 words:
Overrated: the Raw Power album
Underrated: the Funhouse album​
There, done.

I was with him on the overrated stuff, but he lost me on the underrated list. It turned into typical music journalist championing-a-bunch-of-songs-you've-never-heard-of crap.
I'm such an Iggy fan that nothing can be overrated but I totally agreed with Death Trip being underrated. I was just thinking the other day that it would be nice if this tune was given as much attention as I Wanna Be Your Dog (though nothing against that one).

I predict that decades from now people will look back and try to figure how this guy, more of less, slipped through the cracks. For him to be not as well known as the Beatles or the Stones is a crime.
Interesting article. I just can't agree with I Wanna Be Your Dog as an overrated song? Overrated how? Whether or not, its the first Stooges song people think of when they hear the Stooges mentioned shouldn't really matter.

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