"The Strange Pertinacity of Charles Bukowski" - New chap by Abel Debritto from SDPress (1 Viewer)


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This chap covers B.'s earliest output, from 1940 to 1948 -roughly. If you liked the one Chance Press put out back in April, you might enjoy this one as well.

This is just in from the publisher:
Published by Sore Dove Press in December 2010 in an edition limited to 150 copies. 26 lettered copies were signed by the participants and each carried a painting by Soheyl Dahi inside. 16 copies with Roman numerals will be handbound by Bill Roberts and each will carry a painting by Linda King inside.

Regular edition: $12.00
Lettered edition: $ 45.00
Handbound edition: $85.00

Domestic shipping $3. International shipping $12.00

All queries should be directed to the publisher: [email protected]

And here's the front cover:

The hardcover edition will probably ship in a couple weeks. I should have the guts in a couple days and I'll have the books bound and back to the publisher in a week or so..
Abel, I'm sure it's a fine book. Congratulations. Your insight and hard work are always appreciated. Skip to the next post now. Don't read the rest of this.



When you stop associating yourself with everything he ever did, including things like analysis of writing he did 25 years before you met him.

You're welcome.

On a related note, why on earth would a Soheyl Dahi painting be in every lettered copy? For that matter, why does every Sore Dove Press title have to have some sort of "artwork" by Soheyl Dahi or be signed by Soheyl Dahi?

Imagine John Martin putting his own inept paint smudges into every lettered Black Sparrow book, or Bill Roberts printing a picture of himself on the cover of every Bottle of Smoke Press book. Imagine opening up It Catches My Heart In Its Hands and seeing a Jon Webb pencil scribble tipped in, and his signature on the colophon. You'd think that was weird, wouldn't you. You might think, "What does this have to do with anything?" That's all I'm saying.

I don't get it.

This has been a Sort Of/Soheyl Dahi production. All rights reserved.
mjp, I do get your point. The production side of a chapbook is not really my cup of tea, though, and I always let publishers do their thing.
Of course.

I was just ranting at an empty chair, sorry you happened to be sitting beside it. ;)
I just read the piece and it is another great piece by Abel. Everything adds to the piece and cuts away at the myths. Myth is fine for the occasional reader but it is IMPORTANT to knwo the truth for those of us that like to think of ourselves as scholars or "experts" on the man and his writing. I love how the esteemed biographers (Miles and H.S.) passed along half truths, intentional myth, and rumors in their official bios as fact. It is great to see these errors corrected in print. Maybe they will include this info in an updated edition. It is important in understanding the truth behind the fiction...

Great work, as always...

Congrats, Abel! I liked the ones from Chance Press and Beatscene, so I'm sure I'll like this one too.
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Always room on the shelf for the latest Debritto - a "looking forward to" production. Side note: Rather enjoyed the empty chair rant, mjp. The truth is humor's best friend.
You should talk to your publisher. I sent him email two weeks ago asking about ordering and he never responded. I suppose I could buy it off eBay but it's not exactly good business to ignore order inquiries. Unless he read this thread and said, "Fuck that guy," which I would understand.

But his eBay price is almost $5 total over the price you quoted here. To which I say, "Fuck that guy."
You should talk to your publisher. I sent him email two weeks ago asking about ordering and he never responded

No worries, you should get a copy soon!

By the way, the guy in the photograph is none other than Whit Burnett. In the pic below you should be able to see his real signature. Read the first page of "Aftermath of a Lengthy Rejection Slip," and then take a look at the sig again...

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