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Given the potential randomness of poetic fashion, be it contrived or otherwise, it strikes me that a simple punctuation mark can change the entire meaning of a tome. For example, how about one of the few Christmas carols I can stomach: God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen.

Now, most people you might ask would tell you that the comma goes after "Ye." Nay. It goes after "Merry," thus taking a song that could be about how comfortable a happy man may leave this world, into a realm of "may you go in peace after struggling against the toils and evils of this world, stuck in a do-nothing existence, buggering when possible and thumbing your nose to no avail against the proletariat." Or something like that.

Just thought I'd stir up an empty pot.
very good

line breaks, puntuation, then all so spelling

here is an example from Todd Moore:

having a

beer w/lee

stokes who

turns in

the middle

of a swig

gets it

down &

sez re

member in the wild


when warren

oates swiv

els that ma

chine gun

around they

shda had

him w/his

head shot

off to his

mouth so

that the scream he

makes is

just the

sound of



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