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To James O'Shea -

We, the undersigned, do hereby wish to express our appreciation for your participation in Number6Horse's Monthly Poetry Showcase.
For a guy who has never read publicly before, you KICKED ASS. Your poetry translates very well to spoken word and when you can make Alex the Bartender take notice, you are doing just fine! :)

Alex the Bartender
Bob(her husband and co-host)
Jim Doyle
Alfredo (the Puerto-Rican poet, 60 years old)
Tom and Rachel
Jeff and Linda
that tattooed chick from Portland
and her Notre Dame jersey-wearing boyfriend
plus the undercover cops
(j/k !)

Job well done, my friend !
Another member makes good
and earns a trophy


The first comment I heard from an audience member as I took my seat after reading was, "great poetry...but you sure can't read very well." No news me, but I was honored to the featured poet at a great monthly poetry reading session there near Logan Square in Chicago.

The other poets were great and the crowd was genuinely supportive to all including myself. I had fun despite having to fight through my nervousness.

Dave Donovan, you were extremely welcoming. I really enjoyed your poems and you have a great presence up there on stage. Thanks for the book you gave the way, one of the poets published with you in there was Aleathia Drehmer who I know pretty well (at least as well as you can know someone over the Internet).

I have realized however, that I am a writer...not a speaker. I don't see myself doing another one any time soon.

Thanks for all of the good wishes.
Who was the asshole that made that comment to you ? Damn - I'm sorry about that. I thought our crowd had more class than that. You did just fine and anytime you want to return, you're more than welcome.

Here's one on the house for you, but its not from Alex.
Hope you don't mind...
No, I wasn't offended at all...she was just being honest and she seemed to have genuine interest in my poetry.

Thanks for the drink on the house. I think I'm in love.
The first comment I heard from an audience member as I took my seat after reading was, "great poetry...but you sure can't read very well."
And then she poured beer all over her shirt?

Seriously, that's pretty bold. Whoever said that must get punched in the nose quite often, in response to their refreshing honesty.

I know I did.
I remember a couple of Buk stories where he appreciated the honesty though...

in this case, it didn't bother me much, because I agreed with her.

I have to say once more...anyone with an opportunity to meet up with Dave and his crew at Hotti Biscotti should jump at the chance. Number6 is a damn cool dude and one of the poets was an older Puerto Rican gentleman by the name of Alfredo Matías who was one of the founding members of the Young Lords...close relations to the original Black Panthers back when that was all happening:
Hey jmoshea: Great to hear that you got your stuff out there. Even better to hear that you are willing to accept criticism from your audience. In my opinion, poetry is a written art, and readings are supplemental. I enjoy Buk's readings about as much as he apparently did. Miserable obligations. His words jump off the page in contrast.

So, congrats! It's a great feeling to get yourself out there. And from the sounds of it, you did it in grand fashion.
you got up and read your own stuff.
a lot of people couldn't/can't/won't do that.
so you should be proud of that. congrats.

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