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At the end of Hollywood, Bukowski starts talking about all the shitty films of the 1930s, and he mentions the Stooges.

He described the films of that era, including theirs, as something like 'soul sucking, leaving you with no hope'...something like that.

I don't mind the other people he mentions...Fred Astaire, Bob Hope...but Moe, Larry, and Curly?

I cannot understand this. It troubles me deeply.

I love the Stooges, and I love Bukowski.

I would think he would also love the Stooges...they were uncontrived. Original. Lowbrow, but with a great wit. A hate for the upper class. Dedicated to their art.
Suffered for it, in many cases very literally.

I don't know how to reconcile this.

Someone, please help.
I can't quite understand why people think because they're a fan of someone's work they have to have the same tastes as that person. Even people with loads of stuff in common disagree about things. Thankfully.
I'm my girlfriend's biggest fan but I don't remember
the last time we've agreed on something unimportant.
Does this help you, TBT?
agreeing with someone all the time is boring. if it wasn't, I wouldn't feel the need to leave my house. just sit around staring in the mirror and talking out loud.

you know, more than I do now.
I posed the question poorly. I was a little drunk.

No, I do not feel the need to have symmetrical tastes with friends, or those I admire artistically. It doesn't bother me in that sense.

I just find it very odd that Buk didn't like the Stooges, and made such disparaging comments about them, as well.
Fairy nuff. I can't say I've noticed his comments on them too much. The people I described definitely exist though. Like all the Nirvana fans claiming Captain America were good :D
You also have to careful because the "narrator" of Bukowski's works "is not Bukowski". No narrator is the same as the author. That' why he invented "Chinaski" because it allows distance between author and character. But Bukowski very well may not have liked The Three Stooges. He didn't like Mickey Mouse either. I watched and liked the Stooges as a kid, but you get the general point after a few minutes. Perhaps he liked the Marx Brothers better...

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