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oh, pink floyd? Why? Yes, yes, I like eminem and pearl jam, and the beastie boys play as I type this, but pink floyd? There is a why the beatles thread? And along with many other bands, I've always wanted to ask the world, why Pink Floyd? Maybe I should have been there when they were doing this stuff, and I apologize for the confusion, but I really wouldn't know the difference between pink floyd and rush, though I'm sure there is a difference.

Pink Floyd just reminds me of teachers leaving kids alone or something, were they really as good as everyone says?

The ex always played comfortably numb(i think thats a pink floyd song) and so maybe that's why I just can't stand them, so let's blame her.
frankly, I'm surprised that Roger Waters thinks that he can still sell out arenas.

I'd love to go see it, but I imagine that tickets will be crazy expensive. That being said, i bet that they will have a tough time selling half of the seats.

not that I'm badmouthing him or Pink Floyd. It's just that their time is a bit passed...

oh, pink floyd? Why?

They were a great tight band, played pretty unique music for the time and were pioneers of progressive rock (which is understandably not everybody's cup of tea). For good or bad, they also pretty much introduced the huge theatrical stage shows that caught on a bit in the '70s. Other bands had done theatrical shows, but not on the level that Pink Floyd did.

You should pick up Dark Side of the Moon and Meddle... give them a few listens (loud, in a quiet atmosphere where you can give the music your attention) and a little time. A hit of acid wouldn't hurt either. It might change your opinion (but then again it might not).
You should pick up Dark Side of the Moon...
And a pair of those big KOSS 70s headphones to listen to it on.

That reminds me, I need some big KOSS 70s style headphones...

Waters can and will sell out arenas, and yes the tickets will be expensive.

Pink Floyd is so much more than The Wall. Anyone who has not investigated enough to know this is doing themselves a great disservice. There are so many gems for you to discover.

The early Syd Barret stuff is completelty different from the material between Saucerful of Secrets and Dark Side, and everyhting after that is different from both the others.

I will admit that most of the post Roger music is not to be considered true Floyd , but some of it is quite good as well.

I would suggest that anyone who hasn't explored all facets of The Pink Floyd Sound should get to discovering.

So mental enhancement is recommended, but not required.
And I knew there would be different opinions thats OK
I worked in a record store (head geek) when Animals, Wish You Were Here and then the Wall came out. Very few bands could match that creative string.
Sure the We Don't Need No Education got over played on MTV and the radio but for having a reputation for being a pschedelic act they also had the ability to write a tune that resonanted with enough people to become a hit.
Billboard isn't a judge of quality but there is a reason Dark Side and the Wall have been on the charts for as long as they have.
And while I'm at it Gilmour (Captian Bendo) could got more out that one note than most.
From my perspective the only thing wrong with Pink Floyd and Waters is that they parted company before I was ready to permit it. That said, I wish the concert was to promote new material but it ain't.
Try this Nervas, download some Waters stuff check out the line up of talent assembled and provide your opinion.
Where I come from the only thing better than discussing music is playing it-even Comfortably Numb.
And a pair of those big KOSS 70s headphones to listen to it on.

Those '70s headphones were great so long as you didn't fall asleep and roll on your side. Despite their being so bulky, they were really comfortable, and you could hear every pop click crackle on the vinyl in discreet stereo sound. They were a damn sight better than those fucking ipod ear buds they have now.
Yeah, I'm not sure when the idea of jamming hard little plastic bits into your earholes became the audio standard, but I think being able to hear will slowly be a trait that humans lose. Like tails.

Those floats look awesome. I'll bet William S. Burg has a pair.
I never was a fan of Pink Floyd , because my older brother heard it the whole day long , every day . What I don`t knew to this time , he`s on dope, and the thing I remember was that I got chocolate and cakes and all sweet stuff I ever like .
Later I like the Boomtown Rats and looked The Wall because Geldorf is the actor and I remembered my childhood with my brother.

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