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Similar -same?- poem reworked for mag publication. This is unusual. B. rewrote many poems/stories for book publication, but I haven't seen that many poems reworked for mag publication. Maybe he was unhappy with the first version, who knows?

In the margin above the version which appeared in Renaissance, B. wrote [at least in the copy owned by a collector]: "This was the first version--I changed the other a bit for the other mag---Buk"


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I think I prefer the Renaissance version. Thanks again!
In 1959, Bukowski submitted a poem titled "The Way To Review A Play And Keep Everybody Happy But Me:" to Gusher, a "serious literary mag" (May, "The Original Underground" 25) edited by Bryan in Houston that Bukowski had, in all likelihood, found in Trace's directory. Bryan did not accept nor reject the poem, and he did not reply to Bukowski's inquiries. Assuming it would not appear in Gusher, Bukowski retyped it, changed the title to "Serligev," and sent it to another little magazine, Venture, where it was published in late 1961. However, Bryan had, without further notice, printed in his new magazine Renaissance (1961) the version that Bukowski had first submitted to Gusher in 1959. Thus, in characteristic bukowskian fashion, the same poem -with different titles and noticeable changes- appeared in two little magazines in 1961

Same old source. Ha!
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